Sushi Wildlands is an upcoming open-world RPG with a first-person perspective in which you play as Kaito, a young chef who has just inherited an old, rundown sushi shop from his grandpa. Being the young and ambitious one that he is, Kaito sets a goal for himself: To become the best sushi chef in town.

To do this, you will have to explore the fantasy realm of Sushi Wildlands, armed with nothing but your trusty Katana and Shoyu Gun, to gather the necessary ingredients. This hidden, untamed land is home to cute Sushimon that you must capture and then build a farm to accommodate. Moreover, as you venture through the vast, hazardous biomes, you’ll also be able to collect various materials with which you can keep expanding your facilities and keep your Sushimon contend.

If you manage to maintain a good environment for your Sushimon and ensure that they stay happy, they will... well, let’s just say they’ll provide better ingredients for you to make sushi with. Just don’t let your customers know where your supply comes from. Naturally, as with any other sim game, once you get your business rolling and have a stable source of income, you can upgrade your store to bring better service to a wider range of customers.

Sushi Wildlands Shop
Expand your business to bring better service to customers

The main features of Sushi Wildlands include:

- Open-world RPG/Farming simulator hybrid gameplay with some crafting mechanics integrated.

- Dynamic seasons and weather that will have an impact on the in-game world and how NPCs act.

- A massive variety of plants and creatures to interact with.

Sushi Wildlands Environment
A massive world with a massive variety of plants and creatures to interact with

The game also comes with a tie-in manga that gives us some insights about Kaito’s backstory as well as introduces Aika, his childhood friend. You can find that here.

As of the moment, Sushi Wildlands looks like it is still pretty early in its development cycle, so we don’t know exactly when it’ll become available yet. The game is currently listed on Steam for interested players to add it to their wishlist with an expected release date stated as “End 2020”, so that’s something to go on. For more information, follow its official website or Twitter page.