The time has arrived, let's climb aboard the steamy locomotives in Train Simulator 2020 and travel around the world!

The engines are ready for you to work your skills out to reach destinations on time. From North Carolina to the South-Western area, Train Simulator 2020 features lots of different routes to fit your preference! Additionally, coming exclusively to this simulator title is the Nürnberg & Regensburg Bahn route, connecting two signature stations in Germany.

For now, let's take a look at the game debut trailer as below:

Furthermore, you’ll get to see a brand-new high level of visual realism in Train Simulator 2020. A wide variety of new options is now available to improve your gaming experience. A few of them are ambient lights, sunlight strength as well as field-of-view control. Every destination you travel across, every railroad you ride on will definitely be an exciting and realistic experience.

Key Features:

Visual control: players of Train Simulator 2020 can now adjust viewing options for the most optimal visual experience.

Train Simulator 2020
Train Simulator 2020 brings an impressive level of realism.

The incredible authenticity: the locomotives here are simply amazing and you get to enjoy it all. It’s your job and yours only to manage passengers, safety system, engine and much more! In fact, it’s fair to say it feels like you’re operating real trains!

Explore everything: the variety of routes will keep you busy. You never know what lies ahead – be ready for anything and expect the unexpected.

Complete your locomotives collection with Train Simulator 2020: In addition to the mass amount of routes, scenarios, and locomotives, the game features hundreds of add-ons that you can find via Steam Workshop. Maybe it’s time you can build your own scenario and locomotive and discover tons of new challenges!

Train Simulator 2020
Add to your own collection the most exotic and special locomotives!

New routes

Train Simulator 2020
In addition to new locomotives, Train Simulator features brand-new routes to explore!

Train Simulator 2020 features the most epic routes ever:

The Nürnberg & Regensburg Bahn lets you explore the beautiful Danube valley on German engines, through distinct rural and urban landscapes. Meet Nurnberg’s neogothic station – one of the most historic rail structures in Germany, originally from 1844.

The South-West Main Line goes from Southampton to Bournemouth, via Lymington Branch Line. In addition, this special route features the classic Peppercorn A2 ‘Blue Peter’, just for the sake of challenge seekers!

Last but not least, the Norfolk-Southern N-Line boards you on the GP38-2 and trails from Halls Ferry to Salisbury. Be proud to breathe in the fresh air of the country as you serve the local businesses!

Keep an eye out for epic locomotives experience as Train Simulator 2020 heads to PC via Steam on Sep 19th, 2019.