Overstep overview

Overstep is a fast-paced 3v3 shooter title that actually provides something new to the entire genre. The game takes place in a far future, the year 2354, when humanity has successfully reached the stars. Unfortunately, such break-through led to an uncontrollable state of the lawless frontier, created by rapid expansion. In fact, civil unrest is now too widespread to control.

With that being said, the Global Syndicate of Planets (G.S.O.P) now creates Overstep, alongside seven largest corporations across the galaxies. This is an arena where combatants fight to their death to decide who’s the ultimate top of the leaderboards.

Overstep - a deadly future sport of humans across the galaxy.

Using AI with the latest advancements, fighters here use robots with human conscious to enter battles. From all over the galaxy, Pro Gamers control these machines and entertain the spectators in deadly league-based fights. As a result, players need to pick an automaton, choose a corporation to fight for and get on the stage.

Get your robots up and running - the crowd awaits!

Here's a very quick take of Overstep's gameplay:

Key Game Features:

The crowd cares about the entertainment only: score the most points for standing ovation. In a 3v3 third-person shooter, make sure you master your acrobatic movements with your customized robot. Experience the ultimate arcade-like gameplay with tons of fun.

Enter the arena and get on stage! It's time for some great acrobatic robot-fighting actions!

Overstep comes with a decent player progression system. Earn Prestige through winnings to show your current rank among the corporations. Various challenges lie ahead: earn EXP and credits for any stunt or special actions you performed in the game. Remember: the utmost goal is to win the whole league or cup with your corporation, so keep your head in the game!

Overstep should be available via Steam later this year!

Overstep is currently in development for PC. The game should arrive on Steam Early Access in late 2019.