Steampunk Idle Spinner is sort of a puzzle game where you have to put all manner of wondrous machines together. Throughout the game, you will gradually connect the machines till they become an automated device which helps you earn money.

The beginning of the game is quite simple to the players. At first, the game will give you a few bucks. With that money, you need to create a few simple devices. In order to keep the machine working, just swipe your fingers on the screen. You can earn money this way, but not much.

Floating Islands Steampunk Island Spinner
Develop your massive machinery from scratch with just a few bucks

However, along the way you can add more devices using the money you gained. Furthermore, you will gradually realize the way each of your devices works in tandem alongside the others. That will help you find the way to build your devices in such a way that they can keep on working automatically without your supervision

Screen 0
Connect the devices in a way that they can keep themselves running

Steampunk Idle Spinner will push its player relentlessly so as to see how well the players can connect the machines to get them all keep one another going.

You can start slow, but you can earn much more money later on

There are various types of spinning wheels, conveyors, windmills and turbines that you can set up however you want. But remember, you want to set them up in such a way that they become colossal factories which allow you to earn money without a touch.

Steampunk Idle Spinner 1
This game can be really addictive as you would continually want to check your machines and develop them

That is also a bright spot for this game. The process of figuring your factories out is really compelling and interesting. It’s really appealing as you need to continually reassess what you have built and check if there’s a way to improve it.

If you have ever been curious about how complex machines work, Steampunk Idle Spinner is the right game for you.