Golf Peaks, a highly acclaimed puzzle game from developer Lukasz Spierewka, is getting a massive new update that will add 12 additional extremely difficult levels. This update, labeled ‘version 3.0’, is set to arrive tomorrow, the 13th of August, and it will be completely free. For fans of the puzzle genre, this is great news indeed.

Golf Peaks is getting a massive update!

In case you haven’t heard of this game, Golf Peaks is a highly-acclaimed title that won the first place at the Big Indie Pitch event that took place in Poznan last year. Think of it as a hybrid between a turn-based puzzler and an intense golfing simulator. Naturally, the goal is to put the ball into the hole within a set number of turns. However, you can only perform some limited actions, represented by a handful of cards. There are regular shots and chip shots that you’ll have to master if you want to progress, and everything just feels incredibly smooth to play. Check out its trailer below:

The aesthetic is clean and great, while the interface allows you to clearly see all the obstacles and opportunities on the field. All in all, Golf Peaks is an economical, well-thought-out puzzler that everyone can enjoy even if they are not a fan of golf. Moreover, the difficulty manages to tread the line between too easy and too hard really well, delivering a fascinating challenge while never becoming frustrating. And with the update adding tons of new content for free, it is no doubt going to be even more of a must-buy.

Golfpeaks006 Noscale
You can only perform some limited actions, represented by a handful of cards

Golf Peaks is up for grab right now on both Google Play and the App Store at a price of $2.99 (Rs 210). Needless to say, once you’ve paid, you get the full experience without having to worry about ads or IAPs ruining the fun. The developer is also working on another puzzler called inbento, which also looks pretty promising. If you enjoy Golf Peaks, be sure to keep an eye out for that one as well.