Can't afford to annoy your neighborhood since you're a human? Well, perhaps being a goose will make it way better. Untitled Goose Game is the new RPG game that takes exactly this concept, where you'll play as a goose to do everything that a bad goose will do!

And as the game's release date is coming very close, the developer House House is releasing a new trailer to raise the heat up. Here's that trailer of the game, and you can watch it below:

Stealing, honking and enjoy your picnic as a badass goose

The recent gaming scene has introduced a lot of great titles, such as Death Stranding, Borderlands 3, Sekiro, etc. They all deliver a lot of splendid gaming experience, but they've been lacking one special thing - a goose. Can you name a hot video game recently with a goose in it? Definitely not.

Realizing this shortage of the goose elements, the developer House House has introduced their secret hit of the year - Untitled Goose Game. In this game, you'll take control of the naughty feathered inhabitants of the village. The goose doesn't care about human's complicated norms, and all it wants to do is the daily stuff of annoying the villagers.

Untitled Goose Game Launches September 20 5
The village is full of people, and you hate them!

Untitled Goose Game's gameplay is very simple. Every day, you'll have a list of missions - much like the entertaining actions to ruin the villager's day that you'll have to complete. For example, you must intrude the garden that's locked by its owner, soak his sandwiches to the water or steal his hats.

Untitled Goose Game Launches September 20 1
Setting up traps and stealing human's stuff is your favorite!

This requires a little puzzle-solving, but you'd be honking and laughing hard while seeing the farmer hitting the roof. After all, you need to live up to your reputation, so no one can underestimate you. The game also fits in today trends of unlimited violent actions with a lot of hats and keys getting stolen, as well as the toxic honk when the village has any problems with you.

Untitled Goose Game Launches September 20 2
"Violence" in the world of geese is much funnier!

If only I can live my life like that goose!

Untitled Goose Game will be out tomorrow

Untitled Goose Game will release on September 20.

Untitled Goose Game Launches September 20 3
You can dive in the life of the goose tomorrow on PC and Switch

At launch, it's available digitally for PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch through eShop. However, we haven't known the exact price of the game yet.