Enjoying the fun with the sticky ragdolls in Human: Fall Flat? If you do, you should definitely watch out for Totally Reliable Delivery Service!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service (TRDS for short) is a 'wacky' physics-based simulation about the worst delivery couriers ever. You can see the trailer below for a clear look of how these couriers mess up their job:

Deliver stuff at all of the craziest ways possible!

Coming to Tokyo Game Show 2019 were a lot of famous titles, but I have to give Totally Reliable Delivery Service the award of the whackiest title for its goods. Generally, it's a funny simulation in which you'll have to control the courier to deliver stuff to the customers. However, the physics in this game will obstruct you more than helping you.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Free Beta Steam
Featuring the intriguing physics mechanics of Human: Fall Flat

To be more specific, all the couriers in this game are ragdolls with sticky noddle hands that don't follow the same mechanics of human's being. For clearer demonstration, it's completely like the characters in Human: Fall Flat, but they look more human. It can stick to things and other players really hard, pulling your whole body while bending to the back.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Free Beta Steam
Enjoy the fun with your sticky noodle arms

However, this game provides more things to do with your characters. Your job is to bring the boxes from point A to point B, but instead of just sticking and crawling, there will be a lot of modern machines that "help" you with your task. They include cars, toys, conveyors and many other things that are ready to throw you and your stuff out. Just imagine driving on both sides of the roads with your noodle arms!

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Free Beta Steam
It's more simple to fly a plane to the destination, or is it?

Furthermore, unlike the invulnerable character in Human: Fall Flat, your blue-collar workers will get wrecked if you crash hard into something. From the trailer, you can already see the footages of the driver get knocked out after hitting the car into the traffic lamp.

Adding more things to this bandwagon, the developer also allows you to play with your friends as well. You can customize your own character from head to toe, and invite your friends in to share the screen and the fun as well. Totally Reliable Delivery Service allows 4 couriers to deliver stuff at a time, which will put your teamwork to the most chaotic test.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Free Beta Steam
The game support 4-player split-screen co-op

Release date of Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is planned to release for PC through Steam in Summer 2019. However, many countries have celebrated their Mid Autumn Festival, and yet the official version of the game is nowhere to be found. The developer We're Five Games also doesn't give a word about this delay either, which sucks a lot.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service Free Beta Steam
Only a beta version of the game was published in Summer 2019

However, the publisher tinyBuild has made up for us by delivering the beta version of the game for free. It's available on Steam with a different page, so you'll have to look carefully for it.

Gurugamer will announce you when the game is officially out. Stay tuned!