Helping your friends out while they're moving to a new house is a beautiful gesture, and it will tighten your relationship. However, that's not the expected results in Moving Out - an upcoming moving simulator. In fact, you are very likely risking your relationship playing this game with your friends!

The developer SMG Studio has announced its frantic action co-op game - Moving Out. Team17 - the developer behind the Overcooked! series will help publish this game. In celebration of this announcement, the publisher also released a reveal trailer of Moving Out. You can see it below:

About Moving Out

Team17 is very dexterous when it comes to frantic co-op action games. Almost all of us have heard of the Overcooked! series, and now it's adding Moving Out to the list. According to the developer, it's an "action, puzzle, physics-based moving simulator". But to my eyes, it's just you and your friend ruining your friendship by throwing furniture out of the windows.

Moving Out Brings The Co Op Chaos Into Your New Ho
That's very time-efficient!

Just kidding, it's just an exaggerated way of speaking. In fact, Moving Out is a game in which you and your friend will sit together on a couch and planning how to move ... a couch! The story mode is about you shifting to a new place and doing the furniture moving job. The whole experience with plot twists and humorous situations will make you think about moving again!

Moving Out Brings The Co Op Chaos Into Your New Ho
Moving Out will change your opinion about moving

To be more specific, up to four players can take part in the game, arguing what is the plan to move the objects. But it's not just solely just lifting stuff and bring it to their place. Instead, you'll have to learn the steps from instructional lessons, including how to move the giraffes out of the zoos!

Moving Out Brings The Co Op Chaos Into Your New Ho
The characters in Moving Out look silly but very happy!

However, you can just toss those instructions away, since this is a fantasy world. You can choose your own way of moving objects, from throwing it over a glass window to use portals and railguns to deliver it to the place. The chaos even continues, as there are a lot of stupid scenarios that you'll have to get through.

Moving Out Brings The Co Op Chaos Into Your New Ho
Stop getting on my road!

After trying Moving Out, there're chances that you might become a professional mover. No real-life situations can bother you anymore!

Release date and supported platforms

There is no specific release date of Moving Out at this moment. We only have vague release windows of 2020, but as the game showed up in PAX last weekend, we might expect it to come out very soon.

Moving Out Brings The Co Op Chaos Into Your New Ho
If you've missed the game at PAX last week, you'll have to wait for a while

Moving Out is coming out for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC through Steam.