After delivering a touching story about a relationship in Last Day of June, Epic now tries to ruin our relationship with Overcooked!

Overcooked is a famous multiplayer game from Ghost Town Games and Team17 Digital. And if you haven't heard about it yet, here's the overview on the gameplay:

About Overcooked

Unlike other previous free games on Epic Games Store, Overcooked comes with no introduction needed. The game was already very popular, to the point that you can just head to Twitch or Youtube, find your favorite content creators/streamers, and you can find them shouting at each other's faces while playing the game.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 1
Overcooked are famous among streamers community

However, if you somehow lives on Mars or was born with the ability to read, then here's the brief introduction on the game:

Overcooked is a co-op cooking game that put your relationship in a blender. It takes the setting of the Onion Kingdom, where players must play as a team of chefs. As the kingdom is under dangers, you'll have to travel to many hostile places to ... cook.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 2
The Onion King commands chefs to save this kingdom

That sounds very weird, but being the master chef is the only hope to control the "ancient edible evil which plagues the land".

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The story is that simple, but when it comes to real gameplay experiences, things will turn 180 degrees.

Overall, the game features various unusual kitchens that you'll have to cook in. Control your characters from the top-down perspective, and try to serve the meals that match precisely with the order as fast as possible. You'll be graded by a star-based system, and you need at least 1 star to finish a time-limited round.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 3
You'll need to meet the demands from the order as fast as possible

However, as you're cooking in the most abnormal environment, there will be various obstacles that stop you from fulfilling your orders. They vary from earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and the deadliest - power cuts. As a result, you need your comrades there in the kitchen with you.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 4
Who on Earth wants to cook on the edge of a waterfall?

Nevertheless, you can still go solo in this game, as it features both solo and multiplayer co-op. If you choose to go for the quest on your own hands, Overcooked will be more of a puzzle title. You'll have to switch continuously from the four chefs and take care of different roles in the kitchen.

For example, you'll have control a guy chopping vegetables, and then quickly switch a guy boiling the water, then change to the one in charge of hitting the meat. It will be decently dizzy, but you will never have to worry that someone will not follow your commands.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 5
Going solo might be challenging, but it's relationship-friendly

However, the multiplayer mode is where the game shines. It allows up to four player co-op in the same kitchen, each one control a character. From the early levels, the game's quite easy, so it's a lot of fun working with your mates.

But as you make progress, Overcook becomes more and more difficult, and you'll find yourself bumping with your friends in the kitchen, causing the scenes to be chaotic. And there will be cases that one (or maybe two) of your friends will be completely useless, which will make you hit the roof.

In order to deliver the meal precisely, you'll need decent teamwork. But if you don't, then the kitchen will end up with a food explosion as you failed the mission.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 6
Bumping and yelling at each other as the food burns

How to get your free copy of Overcooked?

Living up with its promises on weekly free games, Epic Games Store is providing Overcooked for free. All you need to do is log-in to your Epic accounts on Epic Launcher (register for free if you didn't own one), head to Overcooked page and add it to your library. Be sure to confirm your purchase, and you're good to go.

This free giveaway will last until July 11, and Epic will bring it down and replace it with Torchlight - a Diablo-inspired dungeon crawler.

Overcooked This Weeks Free Game Epic Games Store 7
Next week's free game is Torchlight

We'll announce you as soon as this free game makes its way to Epic Games Store. Stay tuned!