Greenheart Games has revealed some images and gameplay of their upcoming management simulation title - Tavern Keeper.

A more ambitious title from Greenheart Games

The developer has previously introduced Game Dev Tycoon - another simulation title. Game Dev Tycoon took the settings of a game developing company under the threat of bankruptcy of piracy.

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
Game Dev Tycoon is a game about fighting piracy

The game came out back in 2013, and the developer hasn't revealed anything of its next title until two years later. Tavern Keeper is still under development, and for now, we can't know for sure when it will be released. However, the developer has promised that the beta version of the game will come to the public somewhere in 2019.

And in E3, some lucky interviewers have chances to try the alpha version of the game, and here is the overview of the game:

Tavern Keeper requires you to run your own pub with staffs from many races

Tavern Keeper takes place in a vast fantasy world, where you can see fires and other taverns scattering in different places as well. From there, you'll run your own tavern (which you've gained from a bet).

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
At the start, you only have to run a small tavern in the swamp, but it will grow later

From the start, the tavern is small, and your job is simple. All you need to do is to buy beers from the vendors, set up a bar and hire staffs to serve your customers. It's easy, and players won't have to spend extra time getting used to the game's main features.

As time goes by, your customers base will grow, and you'll have to expand your business. You'll have to get more facilities (like laundries or larders) and building more spaces for specific purposes (such as bedrooms or kitchens). It's never easy to get the 5-star rank, is it?

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
Your tavern will gradually grow over time

Additionally, you don't run your tavern by yourself. You need help from your staffs. There're many races of staffs for you to choose. The races vary from orcs, elves to halflings or skeletons, and each has its own pros and cons.

For example, the skeletons don't need sleeping, but they're extremely unhandy and sometimes clumsy as well. Meanwhile, the halflings are very handful and hard-working, but their "modest" height is a great obstruction.

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
Each race will perform differently

However, each kind of employees has its own unique ability, which brings them more capability, such as the Darkvision - which allow the staff to work in low-light areas without any problems. The developer has promised that the game will have around 100 distinctive traits with the official release, and I can't wait to see all of them!

Last but not least, the customers' experience. Your business will be rated based on how satisfied the customers are with their experience.

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
The greater the services are, the happier the customers will be

Your customers' happiness level will depend on their experiences, including the temperature of the pub, the quality of the food and beverages, as well as how neat is the pub. Furthermore, as more people visit your tavern, they will be more demanding as well.

The tavern's rating system is 5-stars based, in which you'll have to care about a lot of elements. The minimum accommodation, the amounts of debt you're carrying, the satisfaction of the patrons, and the quality of your products - all will be taken into consideration. This means you can't just induce your patrons with free foods (or pay them money) to get a higher rank.

Tavern Keeper Operates An Alehouse With Orc And El
Gain money and reputation to expand your tavern

So, try your best to maintain the sustainable inflow of outcome while satisfying your customers. After all, the customer is always right!

To cut the long story short, Tavern Keeper will be a very fun and chill experience for players. So stay tuned with Gurugamer to catching up more information on the game!