The producer of the road-trip simulator Jalopy, MinskWorks, is creating a new strange game about the life of a Landlord!

The game is called Landlord’s Super, a name which gives a great feeling of very '80s, very British life'.

You can have a look at the trailer below:

About Landlord's Super

Landlord's Super is a life-simulating game in which users will stand from the view of the first person. The context of the game is set in the British Isle’s murky midlands during the polarising years of the 1980s.

In a certain aspect, Landlord’s Super belongs to the group of construction games. If you decide not to hit the pub, you will mix cement, lay brick, and hammer nails intensely into place. Or you can do it those jobs while you're drunk, it's fine either way!

Landlord's Super
Lay bricks of your own house while you drunk is a quirk experience

The first few scenes in the trailer make me think of my beloved House Flipper (which is actually quite soulless), albeit with more of a bootleg heart. The idea that the game only allows players to build every shingle of a roof, in turn, is very interesting to me. Not everyone will like this idea, but in theory, it somehow makes the game so great.

According to its Steam page, in addition to manual labor taking place every day, there’ll be more different things, which is a quick peek about secret stuff that makes me very excited. It’s necessary for the players to schedule their timetable by time of day, weather, seasons, world events, union interference, and your own well-being.

Landlord's Super
Remember to check the daily weather forecast to make your plan

There’s a lack in Landlord’s Super, which is a release window; however, the producer confirms to release it soon.

However, it can’t be denied that in a certain aspect, this game is useful. It creates chances for players to communicate with a diverse cast of character, which is likely to give them a real insight into the culture of England.

Landlord's Super
You can learn something about English culture in this game!

Therefore, I hope to learn some old slang in British that I am able to use in daily discussions with Moyse. I’m sure he’ll understand me as he always does.