A lot of previously PS4 exclusive games are getting ported to PC. We have seen various announcements, from Detroit Become Human to Death Stranding and even Red Dead Redemption 2. And now, one of the biggest RPG hit on PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn, might join the above list as well.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen 02 Ps4 Us 13jun16
One of the best exclusives on PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn is a special world filled with strange wonders

The source of the rumor was Anto Logvinov, as Russian content creator. He claims to have access to insider sources related to Horizon Zero Dawn and the series’ future plans. The guy stated that Horizon Zero Dawn would be released on PC in two months, Feb 2020. No other relevant details were revealed, however, like the storefront the game would be on.

Technically, HZD coming to PC is not impossible. As Death Stranding also runs on the same Decima Engine as Horizon Zero Dawn, it could be suggested that the engine’s backend code is already optimized to run on PC. While Sony hasn’t really expressed any interest in making PlayStation games available to PC users, Microsoft’s continuous push on a connected platform might have made the company reconsider its current strategy.

210974 Horizon Zero Dawn Wallpaper
You would have to fight against strange beasts made of metal with your bow and arrow

Recent job listings on Guerrilla’s site also suggest that a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is in the work as a PS5 game. Because of that, a potential PC release would bring attention back to the franchise, at least until the PS5’s release next year.

Logvinov’s other comments are also pretty interesting, as he implied that Sony has been telling the developers who are working for them to keep PC in mind while creating games. This might be part of the plan to port games to PC after they have run the full course on consoles. If the leaked information was correct, the port is likely to be revealed very soon, at The Game Awards 2019.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Explore the amazingly crafted game world

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