Guerrilla Games has announced the release date for Horizon: Zero Dawn to PCs. The launch is set for August 7 on both Steam and Epic Game Store. In addition, the developers revealed several new features in a new trailer.

The PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn will come with new graphical settings and options that allow players to unlock the frame rate as well as play in superwide resolutions. The version will also feature the Frozen Wilds expansion. Rumors around this port began as early as January this year.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PCs

It’s worth noting that the game was initially launched for PlayStation 4 back in February 2017 and wasn’t available for PCs until now. It received a lot of compliments from critics for its story, combat, open world, visuals, characterization, along with the performance of Ashly Burch as the voice actress.

The game also achieved a lot of awards, such as Game of the Year (2017), Best Core Entertainment Game (2017), BAFTA Awards for Best Original Property (2018), as well as NAVGTR Awards for Animation, Technical, Game Design, New IP, Game Engineering (2018).

Guerrilla Games has also unveiled the trailer for the sequel to this game, named Horizon Forbidden West. It’s expected to be exclusively launched on PS5 in 2021.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open-world game with a post-apocalyptic scenario in the US, which is now ruled by robot dinosaurs. The game’s plot follows a hunter named Aloy in this new world on the journey to uncover her past. In Horizon: Zero Dawn, players use ranged weapons, stealth, and a spear to fight with mechanical creatures as well as other enemy forces. In the game, there is a skill tree providing players with bonuses and new capabilities. Players can discover locations in the open world and take on side quests.



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