According to a new announcement, the previously PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be ported to PC. This is definitely great news for PC gamers, as with the next generation of consoles on the threshold, there isn’t any point for Sony to hold those PS4 exclusives in check anymore.

Explore the large open world

The open-world RPG title was developed by Guerilla Games and released about three years ago. This would be the first Sony Exclusive title to get a PC port – the game would be available on Epic Games Store and Steam, however, the distribution platform might change in the future.

Horizon Zero Dawn 1
Fight against all manners of mechanized beasts

Looks like Sony has been changing their exclusive policies, as they are doing timed exclusives instead. This is actually a pretty smart change, as games are most profitable in the first few years. Porting them later would give Sony and the developer yet another chance to get more money. No Man’s Sky, Detroit Become Human and Death Stranding are all getting PC ports. This decision by the company might have resulted from following the trend of the industry, as Sony's main competitor, Microsoft, has been working on integrating PC and Xbox systems.

Horizon Zero Dawn Screen 02 Ps4 Us 13jun16
The open world of HZD is filled with strange wonders

The reason that Microsoft could afford to port their games to PC is that they pretty much held a monopoly on the PC market, as over 90% of devices are using their operating system. With the Xbox services, Microsoft could enable everything so that people could play on multiple platforms. Sony might not have the same power, but the quality of their games is greater overall - they can definitely compete with Microsoft.

With the processing capability of PC, Uncharted 4, God of War or even Bloodborne would be vastly improved. From better graphics to framerate, a PC can support just about anything. Interested in more of our articles related to video games? Please check out this post for the top 10 longest open-world RPGs.