Demons With Shotguns caused a wave in the gaming industry back at its PC release in 2016. Gamers are impressed by not only the list of weirdest playable characters but also its unique shotgun knock-back mechanics as well. This arena fighter breathed a new wind into the genre, and the developer MindShaft Games is trying to continue this success.

Demons With Shotguns will bring its frantic shooting experience onto PS4 and Xbox One after receiving a lot of positive reviews in recent years. These console versions will keep all of the unique features from the PC version, but now, it's even easier to play the game with your friends.

If you've missed out on its initial release, feel free to watch the trailer below to see how crazy this game can go:

Overview on Demons With Shotguns

At its first look, Demons With Shotguns is an action arena fighter with pixelated graphics, but when everything changes within only several seconds. To be more specific, it will put up to four players into a closed realm fighting with each other in an unholy war. You can choose from six distinctive characters that range from humans to the most wicked entities.

The developer has created them to have their own problems to keep the game away from sensitive religious codes: a Preacher who doesn't give a hoot about his faith, a despairing Demon, an Angel that has lost its heaven, a Deceiver that don't believe in Jesus Christ, a violent Nun that wants to protect peace, and Death himself - the only one seems normal in this game.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 8
The characters in this game are very unique

After picking your character, you'll bring your powerful shotguns to the fierce battle. Those shotguns are very special, as they not only blow your opponents up but also knock you back in the opposite direction due to its insane force as well. Hence, it's not only useful with fighting but also with helping you get to higher platforms as well.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 4
Use the shotguns to jump to high grounds

In combination with 40 arenas over 4 realms, each with interactive environments. For example, you can jump all over the stairs of Hell, enjoy the Cyberpunk theme in a megacity with moving elevators, or commit crimes at a church altar. The fight will be unpredictable, and no one is sure which kind of strategies will work. Instead, the game encourages you to play with your instinct rather than a clear plan from the start, especially in fast-paced chaotic battles.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 6
The only way to win is to blow your enemies up!

Featuring ten game modes

Hardly could we find a game that allows us to play in five play modes, but Demons With Shotguns contains ten game modes to scratch the itches of every type of player. People who enjoy a warm couch experience can choose from a lot of choices. Competitive ones can enjoy the frantic shooting action in free-for-all or team-based modes, including the classic Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch mode.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 5
The classic modes are always fun

But if you're none of them, there is also a co-op mode called Enemy Wave Mode. Instead of making people shoot each other, it will throw hordes of Devils in 6 types into the face of you, and if you still manage to stand after those waves pass through, you'll encounter the final boss. In order to make the survival journey easier, the more minions you kill, you'll get extra lives. And remember that you can use your shield to deflect enemies' bullets, which helps a lot in those intense battles.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 3
There is a PvE mode for you to work in tandem with your friends locally

Apart from those modes, Demons With Shotguns has many other strange modes, including the Soul Reaping and Team Soul Reaping where you and your team share souls together, Capture the Soul and Team Capture the Soul - basically capture-the-flag alike. Last but not least, King of the Soul and Team King of the Soul is where hold your 1-soul as long as possible to gain a point.

Demons With Shotguns Ps4 Xbox One 4
There are a lot of play modes to refresh your experience

In short, with a wide range of play modes, interesting shotgun mechanics and upbeat synth-wave music from VHS Glitches, Demons With Shotguns is likely to become popular on consoles devices after its release.

Release date and supported platforms

Demons With Shotguns is already available for PC on Steam, and PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to get the game on December 17 and December 24.