The war between Angels and Demons is a classic idea for many game makers - with a lot of notable game like the Darksiders franchise, or the Diablo franchise. And if this is the kind of story that you like, then we have great news for you: The latest game from Layopi Games - Devil's Hunt - is a new beat'em up adventure game, where you will become the man to stand between the war between angels and demons.

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A screenshot from the game

Devil's Hunt is published by 1C Entertainment and was released on Steam and GOG earlier this week. On the launch week, the game will have a 10% discount to its original price of $35. Meanwhile, if you prefer to play this game on your console, then you will have to wait until Q1 2020 - that's when the game got released on PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One.

In this game, your main weapon is your fist only - so you will have to punch your way through the entire game like a boxer - be it angels, demons, you will have to punch all enemies that stand in your way. Due to this reason, many refer to this game as the "punch ‘em up adventure" game.

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The game will provide you 3 main styles of fighting

The story of Devil's Hunt is generally based on the ‘Equilibrium’ novel series, along with inspiration from many hack and slash game franchise. According to the developers, the game features fast-paced combat that will give you a good feeling when pummeling through armies of angels and demons. Along with that, the game provides you with a bunch of options in combat - with Desmond (the main character) have the ability to change between his human and demon form (sounds familiar?). You can also choose between 3 different fighting styles - each with its unique moves and combos.

Devil's Hunt is now available on PC via Steam, and the console version of the game will be released on Q1 2020.