As we reported back in late September, Figment: Journey Into the Mind is a surreal action/adventure game from developer Bedtime Digital Games, the same studio behind Chronology and Back to Bed. Already available on Steam for quite a while, the game has now made its way over to the iOS platform. Check out its trailer below:

The setting of Figment takes place inside a human’s mind with you playing as Dusty, the embodiment of its courage. For years, he was not needed, but now, the mind is beginning to have nightmarish thoughts that are manifesting into monstrous creatures.

So with his bird pal Piper by his side, Dusty sets out to fulfill his duty: Combat these monsters so that the mind can confront its fears. This involves a little bit of action gameplay where you have to roll away from enemies’ attacks before retaliating. There’s more to this quest than that, though, as Figment looks to put your own brain to the test with its puzzles.

Figment Action C437_wm
Fight nightmarish creatures in a surreal world

The world of Figment is split into 2 parts: The Clockwork Town and the Freedom Isles, which represents the left and right side of the brain respectively. The puzzles you’ll encounter in these locations are designed to reflect that. You’ll have to rely on your lateral thinking and creativity to solve the puzzles of Freedom Isles, whereas logic and reasoning will be your best friends in Clockwork Town.

Figment: Journey Into the Mind
Puzzles are designed to reflect the two sides of the brain

The entire thing has a dream-like aesthetic to it, as you'd expect from a game that takes place in somebody’s mind. You'll come across staircases made of pencils, bridges that create themselves as you walk through them, and houses that look like teapots. It's all really quirky and helps add to the charm of the experience. The game also comes with controller support at launch, which is certainly a big plus for many players.

If you are interested, you’ll find Figment: Journey Into the Mind available for purchase on the App Store right now for $4.99 (Rs 360). The first 2 chapters are free if you want to give it a try first before deciding whether it’s worth buying.