If there is a good simulation game, the publisher PlayWay will immediately smell it. They've successfully taken the publishing rights of several acclaimed simulators in the past such as Thief Simulator and I Am your President, and now, it is looking to continue its tradition by taking over I Am Jesus Christ - the game allows you to experience the journey of Jesus!

This game will be a treat for everyone wondering what Jesus has encountered on his journey in the New Testament of the Christian Bible without having to read thousands of letters. Via I Am Jesus Christ, you'll see the world through the eyes of the most privileged and mighty man on Earth, and fight Demons with your own hands.

Below is the reveal trailer of the game, which you can have a look at how Jesus Christ uses his mana to perform his miracles:

The concept of I Am Jesus Christ

With I Am Jesus Christ, the indie developer SimulaM wants to transfer most of the story in the New Testament Gospel to the gamer via the viewpoint of Jesus Christ. You can learn the most important part of the Bible from Jesus' baptism to his resurrection, and all of the events that he has done between those two milestones.

I Am Jesus Christ Pc Announced 4
You can see what Jesus Christ saw through this game

The concept of fighting evils and save the world is no longer a new approach in the gaming industry, but to recreate the journey of Jesus Christ is definitely a new one. To be more specific, you'll step in the role of Jesus Christ on his journey to save the world with his sacred power - just like what he did, that was told in the Bible.

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Learn the story in the New Testament of the Christian Bible

As you can see from the trailer, there is a journal noting every act of Jesus Christ with a picture snapshot and a passage from the Bible related to those events. The miracles that the Christian god brought out vary from cure a blind old lady, give foods for the poor, helping a struggling ship by calming the ocean, having a meal with his Apostles, and defeating Satan in the desert.

I Am Jesus Christ Pc Announced 2
One of the most classic scenes in the Bible

The trailer shows us a meter on the left corner of the screen as well, and it drops every time Jesus uses his Holy Spirit power. We don't know how this mechanic will work yet, but it seems that you can fill this bar up by praising. The trailer also shows a scene of Jesus's crucifixion at the cross, leading to his resurrection and get all of his Holy Spirit's power back.

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Fight against Satan in the desert

Release date and supported platforms

With an open world, realistic experience and an intriguing story from the New Testament, I Am Jesus Christ will be a great religious game to try, which gives players a lot of precious knowledge on the mightiest man in Christian's belief.

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I Am Jesus Christ Will Shed light To PC soon

I Am Jesus Christ will come out for PC, but there is no information about its release date yet.