Want to know how can Elon Musk be so successful and famous? You can experience the job of a CEO of a space company through the latest simulation game from the developer INTERMARUM - Space Company Simulator.

The publisher All in! Games has released this game on Steam Early Access last week, along with a gameplay trailer to celebrate this event. You can see that trailer below:

Overview of Space Company Simulator

Maybe after this game, you will never want to become successful like Elon Musk again! Space Company Simulator is a realistic space tycoon game, which will put you into the chair of a CEO of a space transport company. Your task is to use your management skills to make your company a huge contestant in the industry.

This game takes a realistic approach toward the space industry, which other simulators shy away from. To be more specific, you could not build your empire without carring about much about managing costs but will have to take almost everything into consideration. They including staff, inventions, contracts, and funding. Racing to the top of the industry is not easy at all!

Space Company Simulator Steam Early Access 2
It's not just simple as building things without caring about the costs

Your main objectives are to make and launch your rockets that will bring humans to Mars. Furthermore, you'll also have to establish your name in the industry by building the whole transportation systems as well. For example, you'll need to build orbital stations for your spaceships to land. The more constructions you have, the quicker you'll become a true power in the industry.

Space Company Simulator Steam Early Access 1
Choose from ranges of different parts to build the best rockets

In order to do that, you'll have to hire staff to work for various faculties: PR, Science, Production, Human Resources, and Finance. The investors will give you contracts with certain conditions, which you'll have to complete every section to get the fund. Using the money, you'll facilitate it to design the best rockets from many components.

Space Company Simulator Steam Early Access 3
There are many aspects of running a company that you'll have to take into account

The more corporations you successfully launch to space, the better more reputation and money you'll get to further expanding your influence.

Out now for Steam Early Access

Space Company Simulator is now available on Steam Early Access. Players interested can buy it at the price of $19.99, and you can free upgrade it to the full version in the future.

Space Company Simulator Steam Early Access 5
Space Company Simulator is now available on Steam Early Access

The developer has announced that it will stay in its Early stage for 10-12 months. Hence, if you can't wait for the full launch, why don't you just get in right now!