Back in the E3 2019 event, Microsoft has revealed the return of the Flight Simulator franchise, with a new game coming in 2020. While the announcement, back in E3, was really underwhelming, the game itself looks really impressive. If you somehow forgot about it, then here is the game's debut trailer at E3:

The E3 Announcement Trailer Of The Game

The new Flight Simulator is a co-op project between Microsoft and Asobo Studio (which developed the award-winning 'A Plague Tale: Innocence' earlier this year). And according to some journalists that got the chance to go hands on with this game, the new Flight Simulator will have some new interesting features, including the ability to change the game's level of details based on the player's internet connection.

2792 Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 4 15601
The game's graphic quality is really great

In the 2020's Flight Simulator, you will be able to fly anywhere in the world, as the game will create levels based on the satellite data from Bing Maps. This satellite data will be used to generate the level, which then becomes populated with elements like trees, birds, wildlife, cloud, water, traffics, etc. According to the developers, they are using data from over 40,000 airports around the world to recreate the game's elements to be as accurate as possible. Also, you can use the live weather data for the game, to simulate the real flying condition.

This is possible by the new tech that Microsoft added to the game, called 'adaptive streaming'. The game's world data are not from pre-created from the game's hard disk, instead, being partially rendered and streams from the cloud. Because of this reason, the game's graphics quality will change depends on your internet connection and current bandwidth. However, if you want to play the game offline, you can pre-download parts of the game world to your computer beforehand.

3547400 Screenshot 2019 06 12 18 16 40
A screenshot of the game

It seems that Microsoft is really confident about this project, as they told in an interview a few days ago that they will support this game for a full decade.

The new Flight Simulator will be released on PC and Xbox One in 2020, with a pre-alpha version being available later this year.