Autumn is coming to its ends, paving the way for Winter to comes closer and closer. I'm really looking forward to it since Winter is the perfect season for skiers and daredevils to start their venture climbing snow mountains.

However, venturous adventure always goes with a lot of risks, which might result in many deadly accidents. In order to remind you about this danger, the developer United Independent Entertainment has released Mountain Rescue Simulator - a game telling you about which situations you might get stuck in and how the rescue squads do their jobs.

Below is the trailer of the game, which you can have a look to see the quirkiest simulator I've seen from Disaster Report 4:

The concept of Mountain Rescue Simulator

Just like its name, Mountain Rescue Simulator is a simulating game, in which you'll take control of the rescue squad, investigating around the mountains to find and save the unlucky travelers. It's the product from United Interactive Entertainment - the creators behind many great simulators, such as Heavyweight Transport Simulator, Cart Transporter 2013, and many more.

Mountain Rescue Simulator The Winter Lifesavers Is
United Interactive Entertainment is a veteran at making simulators

In this game, you'll become the hero as a part of an elite rescue team. Working around many snow mountains, players will experience the vast and untouched landscape there. However, your task is not just flying around and admire the beauty of nature, as you'll have to locate that one person who may be too daring to follow simple advice. As they slide into trouble, you'll have to become the hero this time, saving them as soon as possible.

Mountain Rescue Simulator The Winter Lifesavers Is
Your task is to rescue, not wandering and sightseeing!

However, this game doesn't take a dramatic approach toward the rescue progress, as it follows a much more realistic route. Don't expect to risk yourself climbing the mountains to find the victims, as there will be a bunch of modern vehicles helping you. They including the snow carts, helicopters, and your crew as well. Driving those vehicles by yourself is not an easily-affordable experience you can have in real life.

Mountain Rescue Simulator The Winter Lifesavers Is
You can facilitate a range of vehicles to get over the environment and reach the victims

Mountain Rescue Simulator is still a single-player game, but you'll have some companions on your side. Alongside your coworkers, you'll also receive help from the rescue dog, which is very helpful when you need to investigate locations that are hard to approach. Once you reach the location, take care of the victim's broken bones, perform CPR if needed, and bring them back to a safe place.

Mountain Rescue Simulator The Winter Lifesavers Is
The dog is sometimes more useful than your teammates

You might get distracted with the beautiful lo-fi white mountains on your way, but don't risk the victim's life for it.

Supported platforms and pricing details

Although Mountain Rescue Simulator can save ones' lives from danger, it can't save the game from having a lot of drawbacks. Its gameplay is very simple, to the point that it's boring for some seeking dramatic adventure. Furthermore, it was not long either, as there are only a few locations that you'll work on.

Mountain Rescue Simulator The Winter Lifesavers Is
The things you can do in this game are to sufficient

Hopefully, the developer can add more features, tasks, and locations in the future. And at this moment, I think the game is more about educational purposes, and it is not worth $19.99 for adventurous gamers.

What do you feel about Mountain Rescue Simulator?