Living my life on the edge has never been my choice in real life, so I have to rely on video games to satisfy my inner daredevil. Hence, Lonely Mountains: Downhill will be the best choice for a cyclist lover like me.

It's an upcoming mountain biking game, in which you'll find yourself and your bike alone on your one-way down trips. Just make sure you don't get down to hell. Here's the release trailer of the game, which you can have a look to feel your heartbeat while hearing winds rushing through your ears:

About Lonely Mountains: Downhill

As I've mentioned earlier, Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game, which will put you on the top of the mountains to get down to the valley. It doesn't take the common 'realistic' approach, in which players have the closest experience of performing real-life stunts but giving the cyclist the freedom to do everything on this vibrant mountains.

Only you and your bike on this adrenaline-pumping ride down an untouched beautiful mountain scenery. There are a lot of levels with thick forests, huge slopes, and wild rivers waiting for you to get through.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
I've always wished I could do this in real life, but I only have one life!

The special thing about this game is that it allows you to carve your own paths. Stay on the main road if you want, but the rewards are much higher when you choose different routes. From the trailer, you can already see the cyclist holding his pedal still while climbing down the mountain on a fallen tree.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
Leave your own trails on the mountains

However, high rewards often come with high risks, and Lonely Mountains: Downhill is not an exception. It takes several runs and several crashes as well to explore every route possible to cycle down the slopes. Hold tight on your handlebars, drifting precisely through turns and hope for the best.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
You will have to try each level several times to find the fastest route

Or else, it's very likely that you'll crash your 'ragdoll' character onto trees bloodily, or even worse, your body will be nowhere to be found. Every mountain has its own shortcut, which will give you the opportunity to do the insane stunt that you can't even dream of in real-life.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
High risk, high rewards!

The lonely but peaceful atmosphere on the beautiful landscape of nature is portrayed in lo-fi 3D visuals. Thus, Lonely Mountain: Downhill is a perfect game for brave souls craving for craziest mountains descending ever.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
Are you ready to crash?

Release date

Lonely Mountains: Downhill has been staying in development since Gamescom 2017, and it's now time to come out. The developer Megagon Industries and publisher Thunderful Publishing has announced that the game will come out on October 23.

Lonely Mountains Downhill Will Unleash The Daredev
The game is coming out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One one October 23

This release date will apply to every platform, as Lonely Mountains: Downhill is coming for PS4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam.