Right the moment you read these words, The Cycle is already free to play at it open beta state! Previously, we have informed you about this unique sci-fi shooter from Yager - the creator behind Dead Island. But if you've missed it somehow, here's the run-over for you.

Yesterday, at the Opening Night Live presentation at Gamescom 2019, the developer has revealed a little bit about The Cycle's gameplay through a trailer. You can see it right here:

The Cycle is not a battle royale!

Last month, the German developer Yager has teased some footages of their brand new project - The Cycle. At that time, people considered it as a new battle royale after watching the early images of the game.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
At first, people think The Cycle is going to be another battle royale

However, recently, the developer has firmly affirmed that The Cycle will not be a battle royale. Instead, they described it as a sci-fi quest shooter that contains both PvP and PvE elements.

"Not even close! We have contracts, factions, progression, alien monsters, a radioactive storm, vehicles, flying Laser Drill platforms, a crafting system...and that’s not even half of it! It’s PvE. It’s PvP. It’s a PvEvP Competitive Quest Shooter. It’s The Cycle!"

In my opinion, it's a wise step from the developer - not only to avoid some giant contestants like Apex Legends or Fortnite but also making a special selling point for the game itself.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
Yager announced that The Cycle is a quest shooter

Shoot AI, Shoot other players, Shoot everyone!

Nevertheless, let's find out what's special about this game. First, let's talk about the settings. The Cycle set in the fictional future world of Fortuna III, a hostile yet beautiful world containing a wide range of resources and other unfriendly creatures as well. You'll play as the role of a "Protestor", among other players, on the duty to collect resources for your factions.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
The Fortuna II brings a lot of potentials

Consequently, you'll have to encounter other players on your way. From there, you've two solutions for the situation: make a fragile temporary alliance with them, or simply just shoot them down. Additionally, other players are not the only threat in this world. In fact, there're a lot of AI monsters as well, and the best players are the one able to deal with all of them. That's what PvPvE is about.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
You'll have to deal with both other Protestors and the monsters

Another feature that separates The Cycle from other battle royale title is the factions. You'll join one of three factions, and as your reputation grows, you can access new technology and craft new weapons as well. Each faction has its pack of unique weapons, so be wise with your choice.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
You can upgrade your abilities and weapons in the future

However, there are some elements in the game that lies under the battle royale genre. Firstly, it gives you a shrinking playfield, where you'll be ravaged by the radiation storm if you stay too long. Secondly, the game provides three play modes, including Solo, Duo and 4-player Squad.

I really don't care what they're calling this title. All I know is that The Cycle is going to be great, especially for fans of the sci-fi shooting concept!

The Cycle is free to play now on Epic Games Store

The only way for you to join the open beta of The Cycle now is through Epic Games Store. In the future, as Yager promised, there will be more and more contents and updates will come out.

The Cycle Early Access Is Free Now On Epic Games S
More and more new contents will come later

At this moment, the game is only accessible on PC. However, the developer has announced that they will bring the game to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And yes, like the PC version, all of the other ones will be completely free to play!

Head to its Epic page now and try The Cycle for your own!