Many people believed that the Battle Royale genre is completely saturated. Players are now sick with With PUBG, Apex Legends, and Fortnite dominating the whole industry scene.

However, it seems like there is still a tiny space for newcomers to sneak in. And Watchers is the latest one to do so, as they've taken a new fascinating approach.

Let's see what this new approach is in this trailer below:

Watchers lets you affect the battle royale even when you're dead!

Basically, Watchers is a battle royale, in which you control your character from a top-down perspective. It's like normal battle royale title, where you'll run down the street, collect your guns, shoot other players and be the last one standing! This game feature only 24 players maximum in the battleground, which might not cost you too many times each match!

Watchers Battle Royale Trailer 1
Watchers put you in the 24-player top-down battle royale match

However, the game's most fascinating features has just begun. As you can tell from this game's name, you can still have fun even if you somehow are the unlucky dead one. Instead of quitting and get in another match, you'll see the whole battleground as the Watchers.

Furthermore, it doesn't stop from just seeing! First, you can bet with other Watchers who is the final survival. However, it is not clear what you could do with the betting money that you've won. We can safely say that it could help you buy more skins in the future, but we'll still have to wait to see.

Watchers Battle Royale Trailer 4
Bet with other Watchers on who will be the last man standing

And to make your bet comes real, you'll have access to the abilities to change in-game situations. That's when it gets really exciting. From the trailer, you can see a giant "change the rules" message from the developer. After that, we can see a lot of hilarious situations in the game, including a player's dead due to a refrigerator falling off from the sky. I hope the chance to do that is very rare. If not, it will be an unbalanced way to revenge the players that killed you.

Watchers Battle Royale Trailer 3

Apart from that, there are a lot of other rules bending changes as well. We can see a player moves like he has a rocket on this back; one goes giant and the bubble-shooting guns as well! That's very fascinating, as you no longer have to bring your utter disappointment to another match!

Watchers Battle Royale Trailer 2
You can even vote for the next safe zone!

However, this feature is a double-edged sword, which may bring the game success or drive it to the doom. It seems that the developer needs more time balancing on this feature before getting this game out.

When will Watchers come out?

Watchers will hit PCs sometimes this year. The exact date hasn't been announced yet, but as I've said, the developer needs more time on balancing this game.

Meanwhile, you can add this game to your Wishlist to receive the notification when the game comes out!