The gaming world now is under the domination of battle royale. After the success of PUBG, many developers have chosen this route to release its own battle royale. We've seen Fortnite, Apex Legends, and even Mario and Tetris also joined this trend.

And now, PS4 users are welcoming another choice. Don't Even Think is the product of Dark Horse Studio and Perfect World Game, and it's coming really soon.

Here's the trailer which shows you the bloody fights, and you can watch them below:

The background story

Don't Even Think takes the settings in the future world. It's 2033 when the world is at the glooming grip of recession and political turmoil. Not only is the social balance facing devastation, humankind is also being under the danger of escalating disasters.

At that time, many governments are seeking help from the most influential corporation - DET-i (yes, it's the abbreviation of Don't Even Think). It's a powerful company that holds a lot of core technologies, including communication or military.

And to cope with the demand from many countries, DET-i has built a secret research facility named Prism City. Placed on an unknown peninsula, the base's aim is to simulate all kinds of extreme catastrophes "in their most realistic conditions".

Dont Even Think A New Battle Royale Ps4 3
DET-i has created an environment to test for data

In order to provide more precise data from the simulations, DET-i has gained permission to gather participant from all over the world by any means if necessary. And you, as well as many people out there, don't want to live in that chaos world anymore. Finding a route to join DET-i's project is the best choice for you now!

The story of this title is more detailed than other battle royale titles, and the gameplay won't let you down either.

Gameplay and release windows of Don't Even Think

The developer has primed the game as a survival game with the main features of "multilateral asymmetric confrontation".

Dont Even Think A New Battle Royale Ps4 2
It still looks like PUBG in some ways

There hasn't been much revealed about the gameplay yet. But from the trailer and the description of the developer, the game might feature not just mere human shooting. Instead, it will bring the Werewolves as one side as well. In this game, guns might not be enough to save you!

Dont Even Think A New Battle Royale Ps4 4
Human is not the only scary thing out there!

The developer hasn't announced exactly when will Don't Even Think release yet, but it will burst out at some times this October.

Dont Even Think A New Battle Royale Ps4 1
The developer aims to release the game this October

Dark Horse Studio and Perfect World Games follows the free-to-play road with this title, so don't hesitate to give it a try when it comes out.