Being in Early Access since September 19, 2018, Ring of Elysium is finally out for real!

Aurora Games has released the game with an announcement trailer of the new game mode, which you can see below:

Completely free to play on Steam

Taking the same route of recent battle royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, Ring of Elysium will be totally free to play. Players interested in the game just need to head to its Steam page and download it with no expenses. That's the understandable choice from the Aurora Games since the industry now is flooded with battle royale games.

About the gameplay, it's basically like PUBG, where 100 players will be thrown into the gradually shrinking battleground and the last man standing is the winner! Players will drop down to from the sky, getting into houses and collect items to equip themselves. The items include guns, armor, grenades, and vehicles as well.

Ring Of Elysium Officially Out On Steam 3
Ring of Elysium looks like PUBG in many aspects!

Wait, isn't that too similar to PUBG?

Well, I agree with you in some extends that the game really looks like a PUBG replica in both physics and images. However, the developer still manages to pull off new features as well. The most noticeable thing that differentiates the two titles is the ever-changing weather.

Ring Of Elysium Officially Out On Steam 0
The weather in this game is constantly changing

In Ring of Elysium, the weather are dynamic, which requires players to survive in the harshest environment. The weather can turn 180 degrees from very sunny to heavy raining in just a blink. And it is not just a visual change, as it affects the players' experience. For example, hearing the footstep is harder when it's raining.

Ring Of Elysium Officially Out On Steam 9
Temperature does affect players' plan

After all, I mean the game is free-to-play, so why don't we give it a try before judging?

Ring of Elysium launches with an event

With this new release, the developer also brought a new game mode - Ashen Eye. It took the set in an island of Europa, where a volcano is erupting. In this mode, the developer has eliminated the shrinking playground feature, and replace it with an Ashen Eye safe zone that will changes locations all the times.

Ring Of Elysium Officially Out On Steam 7
A new game mode comes out with this release

As the Volcano burns a lot of oxygens, players will have to reach the safe zone as soon as possible to be able to breathe. The start oxygen level is very limited, but players can achieve them from loots scattering on the map. Another way to increase your oxygen is to defeat other players. The fallen one will drop their oxygen containers, and you can claim it for yourself.

Your oxygen level when you reach the Ashen Eyes is very important. The player with the highest amount of oxygen will trigger the countdown for the rescue helicopter. From that moment, that player needs staying alive until the helicopter comes and he will win the final battle. However, that player's location will be revealed, and other players won't let him get out that easy!

Apart from the Ashen Eye mode, players will have chances to try the new limited weapon skin the Stella-themed M4A1! If you're joining the game in early access state, you'll have chances to unlock this skin permanently. What you have to do is to log-in from July 22-28 and complete missions to get the points to exchange for the skin.

Ring Of Elysium Officially Out On Steam 8
This skin will not be purchasable in other events in the future

The first log-in in the day will give you 10 points, and a mission will give you 5 point. Although grinding for enough points since now may be somewhat impossible, but you really like the skin, you can still have 2 days to go!

So don't miss this chance to unlock this limited skin and loads of E-points as well!