Recently developer Tencent Games has released a teaser trailer for a new mode in its battle royale game Ring of Elysium. Titled From Dusk Till Dawn, this upcoming mode aims to enhance the “arctic survival” experience of the game with a new mechanic: Body temperature. Now, in addition to finding weapons and resources, players will also have to keep themselves warm throughout the match. Like its very name suggests, From Dusk Till Dawn will have the players battling it out to see who can last the night.

From Dusk Till Dawn Trailer

A regular Ring of Elysium match can have up to four winners if they successfully make it to the rescue helicopter in time. However, with From Dusk Till Dawn, the helicopter has left, and it will not be back until the morning, so players have to somehow survive a night in the harsh environment of Dione. That would mean fighting with others for precious resources like food, heat, and of course, weapons.

In this new mode, anyone who is still alive when the sun rises is considered a winner, so there could be more than one. This could potentially open up new strategies and playstyles, such as teaming up with others to share the resources instead of finding everything yourself.

From Dusk Till Dawn will officially come to Ring of Elysium on December 22. And here are a few things you can expect from this new mode:

Weather will have an even more crucial impact

Ring of Elysium[00_01_09][20181214-234402-1]

Ring of Elysium already has a dynamic weather feature that changes throughout the course of every match, which includes some pretty horrible things like freezing temperature or even avalanches. Now, the weather will have an even greater role in From Dusk Till Dawn, as there is now a complete cycle of thermal conditions. There will be light snow at first, but then it gets heavier and heavier until it becomes extremely cold. Needless to say, that will not be healthy for the players if they are caught unprepared.

New mechanic: body temperature

This new system adds another thing for players to manage besides their health bar. Items for HP regeneration like bandages and medical kits are still there, but now you will need to keep your body temperature up if you don’t want to freeze or bleed out to death. The lower your body temperature gets, the faster you’ll lose blood.

You can light a bonfire to fend off the cold, but keep in mind that you will only be able to do that once per match. Additionally, you can feed fuels such as firewood to the fire so that it can last longer and allow you to cook food faster. However, since you are in a frozen tundra, such resources are very rare and thus incredibly valuable.

Ring of Elysium[00_01_02][20181214-234452-2]

Besides bonfires, you will also need food for your body to generate temperature. There are different types of food, from energy bars to things that you have to cook. Of course, a fully cooked meal will be a lot more effective than a meager energy bar. So, if you want to stand a better chance of seeing the sun again, be prepared to do some cooking.

Resource Locations


The locations of all resources will be displayed on the match so that players can plan their actions accordingly. Moreover, even the whereabouts of players will be visible to others at certain moments during the match, which further opens up more rooms for strategies. For example, you can lay low near a resource location to ambush other players who try to get it.

Winning Criteria

Each From Dusk Till Dawn match will only last for a specific amount of time, and all those who survive until the end will be declared the winners. This new mode will definitely introduce some new aspects and challenges to the battle royale genre. It will hit Ring of Elysium in a couple of days. If you haven’t tried the game, it’s currently available for free on Steam.