In the world full of battle royale titles, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG) and Rules Of Survival (ROS) seem to have a lot of similarities. Those are the reasons that have sparked the pressing debates on PUBG vs ROS which is better?

Regardless, a lot of players are still struggling to decide which one to choose on your devices. And since not everyone is familiar with both these two games, and here's the comparison to help you tell the PUBG and ROS apart.

Additionally, while making a comparison between the two games, we will also give you some tips on choosing a suitable title for you!

PUBG vs ROS - the intense battle between two similar battle royales

PUBG is the first battle royale title to get really popular. And with its success, many contestants have appeared in the battleground to replicate its success. We've seen Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Rings of Elysium, but little as you know, Rules of Survival (ROS) was among one of the fastest to join this trend.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 1
We've seen a lot of battle royale titles, and more is coming in the future

PUBG Corp is not just standing there watching. They've filed a lawsuit against NetEase - the developer of ROS for copyright and trademark infringement.

And while other titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends has chosen a different route with its distinctive concept, Rules of Survival is very similar to PUBG in both visuals and gameplay. That's why people are facing difficulties in choosing the best one for themselves.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 1
PUBG VS ROS - which is better?

If you can't find any useful information on the PUBG vs ROS poll, here are the similarities and differences between the two games:

The similarities

Apart from the fact that both of this game are in the battle royale genre, there are plenty of other similarities between these two that may have confused you.

The first thing is the concept. In both games, you as well as other players will drop from the airplane to the closed arena. In there, you'll have to fight against them to be the last one standing in the battleground.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 2
Players will jump down from the airplane

However, you can't just hide in a secret place and hiding from your opponents. Both PUBG and ROS feature a shrinking playground, which requires people to move into the circle as soon as possible. Players outside of the circle will experience gradual health loss, so you need to make your way in as fast as possible.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 2
Both games feature a shrinking playground

But don't misunderstand that the battles only start when the circle is shrinking. In fact, it has already started by the time you land on the ground. And in order to gain advantages in this long-lasting battle, you'll need to find guns and other equipment to dominates other survivals.

Speaking about guns and equipment, PUBG and ROS have some similar legendary weapons. AK47, AWM, M249, M4A1, all can be found in both two games, and their shooting experience in both games is quite identical.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 3
Looting in ROS

The running, looting and shooting actions continue in the whole match, and you can play the game with or without teammates at all. PUBG and ROS both have multiple play modes, including Solo, Squad or Team Battle, so you don't have to worry about this when choosing.

PUBG vs ROS 2019 - What is the differences?

Apart from many resemblances, PUBG and ROS posed a lot of differences. And those differences might be crucial for you to choose the most suitable one to grind, so read carefully!

1. Graphics

PUBG focus more on making the battlegrounds more severe and harsh. Consequently, the developer has tried to make the environment more breezy and deserted. To be more specific, the game doesn't provide such colorful battleground but just a monotonous one with sharp-cornered visuals.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 5
PUBG's graphic is more monotonous

Meanwhile, ROS follows a different track, and try to provide the eye candies for the players alongside survival experiences. It provides much more colors, and the visual quality was also sharper and smoother. The developer also wants to follow a friendlier approach with the rubber chicken weapons instead of machetes or pans.

Furthermore, ROS is learning from Fortnite with some in-game events. It even changes the visual in some parts of the game, such as painting the airplane with Valentine's Day style.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 4
The planes in ROS look funny

To cut the long story short, if you are seeking the most realistic on the survival arena, PUBG will be the best choice. However, if you want to play on a more colorful battleground and having a lot of eye-catching stuff, then ROS will suit you well.

For me, ROS won this round in PUBG vs ROS 2019 battle.

2. Gameplay

PUBG Mobile has inherited almost all of the main features that make the game great on PC. To be more specific, PUBG deals with the gameplay very carefully. It features a wider range of weapons, and the best ones scatter in fewer places than ROS. In consequent, the game is more challenging as you'll have to take risk while entering a lot of buildings to get the best equipment.

The battles here are also more serious and more exciting, with many surviving strategies. In summary, it will provide a better experience for hardcore gamers.

The story is different in ROS. The game is made with the aim to be newbie-friendlier, which doesn't require many skills and planning to play properly. Guns, bullets, and armors are all over the places, which you might end up fully equipped at much earlier stages of the game.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 6
Equipment can be found easily in ROS

In comparison with PUBG's gameplay, ROS is not as challenging. However, it's much easier to adapt, especially for the ones that only started to play battle royale. In this match of PUBG vs ROS, I think it's a draw.

3. Character customization capabilities

In the original PUBG version for PC, players can buy many accessories. They can use them to make their characters really stand out on the battlefield.

That's the great features from the developer, understanding that no ones want to look identical. And with this mobile version, players still have access to character customization.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 7
You can choose what your character will look in PUBG

ROS lacks this capability, as it only allows players to choose from the two pre-made characters from both genders. That's clearly not fine, because you look nothing different from your opponents. It's like trying to survive in the battleground full of clones.

With this one, PUBG has defeated ROS.

4. The overall duration of a match

As both of the game throws you in the maps with nearly the same size, the duration of a match will depend on the number of players.

With PUBG, it will throw you in the battle of maximum 100 players. That number in ROS was 120 in a normal match, and it also allows 300 players in the same match with its special game modes.

Pubg Vs Ros Comparison 8
ROS allows more player in one map than PUBG

Bigger player pool means longer queue time. Furthermore, with 120 people on the map, you surely will have to spend more time to defeat them. This means ROS has a longer overall match duration.

This PUBG vs ROS 2019 match cannot result in a winner because it really depends on the players. ROS might be suitable for players who have plenty of time to spend and seeking for the long-lasting match, and vice versa to PUBG.


Here are the comparison between PUBG and ROS, and hopefully, it is helpful for you to choose the best battle royale title to play on your devices.