Are you a fan of the Discovery Channel and always enjoy their show about nature and wild animals?  Those shows and documentaries are really informative and fun to watch, but they cannot show you everything or allow you to experience whatever you want. But here in this simulation game, Natural Instincts, you will get to join the natural world and observe any behaviors you want to see. All you need to do is command them.

Natural Instincts is an open-world simulator game made by DreamStorm Studios. You will be playing in many different scenarios where you have to protect the animals there from harm and preserve the environment. For example, help a rabbit find food by guiding it to the bush and then direct it to go back to its cave. In another case, you will help the wolfs pick their prey and hunt for food so the balance of nature can be maintained.

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Help animals from different types of environment survive

There is a total of 6 unique environments, each with distinct weather, animals, and plants. Each ecosystem is a new challenge that you have to face. Learn about them to complete your missions while exploring the beautiful vibrant scenery in the game.

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Enjoy the beautiful scenery in the game while protecting animals

The modern world has been threatening the habitat of wild animals for a long time now. Guide animals to avoid roads, cars, dangerous hunters and natural disasters.

Each animal has its own unique behaviors for different activities. You will get to watch them as they mating, eating or hunting for food. Knowing their behavior is also a good way to tell that something wrong is going on.

Natural Instincts is currently under development. The game doesn't have a release date yet, but the developer will soon announce it. The game will be released for PC through Steam.