Last year, the developer Elastic Games has gone through a horrible launching experience of their first Last Year game namely The Nightmare. Specifically, it has launched on Discord's storefront, which was soon brought down several months later, evaporating the game as well.

Pulling off some experience from the disastrous events, Elastic Games has opted for a much safer choice with its upcoming installment: Last Year: After Dark. The game will launch for PC via Steam later this year, and it will allow you and your friends to choose either side you want: the Students or the Fiends!

Below is the trailer for this event, which you can have a small breath at its hauntingly eerie atmosphere:

The concept of Last Year: After Dark

As I've mentioned, Last Year: After Dark tells the story of the crew consists of six unlucky students. It's the last day of their school life, which they're celebrating whether they love or hate their studying days. However, it soon turns into a complete nightmare, as somehow they were taken to an alternative world after playing an occult card game.

Last Year After Dark Pc Launch 3
The Classmates were taken into another sinister world on their last day at school

This world is not only dark but also has sinister Fiend hiding its existence behind the shadows, which is always ready to tear the Classmates apart. Luckily, the card game gives the students a small chance of winning by allowing them to learn magical abilities through surviving in this world.

Will the Classmates be able to live the rest of their lives?

Gameplay features

Taking the feedback from players after their prologue game, Last Year: After Dark will allow six players into the same playfield. Five among them will take control of the Classmates trying to stay safe from the claws of the gruesome Fiend which will be controlled by one random student.

Both the Classmates and the Fiend have their unique powers to reach their objectives. The Classmate will gain their Arcane Secrets containing mighty magical skills gradually, and the longer you stay survived, the more abilities you'll get.

Last Year After Dark Pc Launch 4
Survive and find the ability powers around the map

On the other hand, the Fiend receives its abilities and weapons at the beginning based on which kind of monsters you are. Hence, each Fiend has its own playstyle, so you can choose either go face-to-face with the Classmate or set up some deadly situations for them to step in.

Last Year After Dark Pc Launch 2
Make them frightened by striking when they're not expected

The developer Elastic Games has affirmed that they'll continuously bring newer content through other chapters in the future, including more fiends, maps and magical abilities to make the survival adventure much more interesting.

Last Year After Dark Pc Launch 5
New contents will come in the future

Release date

Last Year: After Dark will come out for PC via Steam December 10th.