Back in June, we've announced you about a thriller adventure game namely Transient. It's "where H.P. Lovecraftian meets Cyberpunk" game from the Stormling Studios - the developer behind many great horror games such as Conarium and Darkness Within.

However, at that time, we can only learn several details from its story, and there is nothing related to its gameplay. But now, the developer has given us a brand new gameplay trailer to see how creepy but intriguing the game's visuals can be.

You can see the trailer below:

The story of Transient

Transient takes place in a futuristic post-apocalypse world, in which the world of humans was completely uninhabitable with severe conditions. The only place left for mankind to survive in is a secret citadel namely Domed City Providence.

Transient New Gameplay Trailer
Humankind only have this place left to live in

However, are humans really safe in this last refuge? Randolph Carter - a member of a famous group of mercenary hackers with the name of ODIN - will be the one to find out. Incidentally, the hacker comes across a truth that has blown his entire mind regarding his own existence, suggesting that the entire world is virtual!

Transient 2
Randolph Carter finds a shocking truth behind his existence

Absolutely shocked by the fact he just found, Randolph will have to travel between the virtually-generated world and the real one to find out his true life. Just remember to keep your sanity on your journey.

Gameplay features

The previous teaser trailer that came out in June was very terrifying but didn't give us any useful information on the game. Luckily, now we've known what you'll do in Transient. Basically, it's a first-person adventure game, in which you'll explore human's last refuge in both the virtual world and the real world to find out the mystery behind them.

Transient New Gameplay Trailer 3
Explore the last refuge of mankind

From the trailer, you can see Randolph waking up seeing his hands in blurry vision. Both of them have several sockets, which infer that he might be waking up from a terrible experience. From there, he'll walk deep into the facility, solving puzzles and seeing some alien-looking creatures.

Transient New Gameplay Trailer 6
Trigger the weird-looking device to see an alien

The trailer quickly flashback to another world - we don't know whether this is the virtual world or the real one. His adventure continues as he met a dead body of a person, scanning them to extract some information. Using that information, he manages to open a locked door and will end up getting pulled by some tentacles with another person.

Even though this trailer doesn't speak much about the world-traversing gameplay features, it surely gives us some looks on the game's visuals. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Transient looks darkly horrifying but very detailed and beautiful.

Transient New Gameplay Trailer 4
The game's visuals are beautiful and haunting at the same time

Transient will come out for PS4, Xbox One and PC via Steam in 2020.