Do you remember the legendary memetastic sayings: "People die if they're killed"? That doesn't sound true in video games, but with Song of Horror, it's different. For each time you die, your character is gone forever, and you won't be able to get back to your savepoint to start again!

This concept makes Song of Horror standing out from many other horror games that came out this Halloween. And now, you'll be able to experience this unique mechanic with the official launch of the game!

Below is the launch trailer of Song of Horror, which you can watch to feel the creepiness:

The story of Song of Horror

Song of Horror tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of a famous writer namely Sebastian P. Husher. Not only did the writer was nowhere to be found now, but his family is also gone with him into the void. Luckily, he has a quite considerate editor, who called for help to his house to look for him.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 1
The assistant coming to Husher's house to search for him

However, the assistant that he sent there also disappeared without any signs. There's clearly something unusual about this event, and you'll figure it out through the eyes of other investigators exploring this house. Turns out, it's a wicked entity known as The Presence that's responsible for this case.

Each character has a different way to look into these disappearances, knowing more or less about the entity. But they share the same thing: they'll die if they encountered The Presence. One dies, the other will step up to continue investigating, so the other's sacrifice is not in vain.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 4
The Presence has swallowed the existence of the Hushers, and anyone coming to the house

Will you be able to unveil the mystery behind The Presence and get out of this song of horror?

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Song of Horror has a wide range of characters that you can choose to play with. They all have some connections with Husher and his family, and each has its own personality. Hence, they'll react differently with the clues and items in the house, and can resist better or worse against certain paranormal manifestation.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 6
Each character will approach the story differently

Each of them will enter the haunting house and investigate Husher's disappearance. Until they're dead! Once your character dies encountering the Presence, they're gone forever, and you can no longer play with them anymore. Instead, you'll have to pick up a brand new one, starting their new adventure, but something is changed with this time: the world is changed for the actions that the last ones made, and you have a broader picture of the story with your previous adventure.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 7
The world change for each exploration a character makes

Last but not least, your worst enemies - The Presence is the supernatural being that learns how you act. To be more specific, the developer has made a smart AI controling the entity, which will learn your actions and decision-making for a better hunt. Thus, you won't be able to know where and when it will strike, adding a whole new terrifying level to the horror. I'm having a goosebump just by thinking something sinister, sitting in the dark observing me and will jump out eating me alive when I least expect.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 9
You won't know which room is your end!

Together with an intriguing psychological story, eerie atmosphere with tension building up gradually by the music and script, as well as a unique death mechanic, Song of Horror is breathing a brand new life to the horror genre.

Officially out now

Even though Halloween has passed, my desire for horror games is still there. Luckily, Song of Horror is now available on Steam, and you can buy the first two chapters of the game at $7.99 each.

Song Of Horror Launched Pc Steam 3
The first two chapters of Song of Horror is now available on Steam

The story of Song of Horror has three chapters, and the last one will come out at an unknown date.