Back in 2015, when the current generation of consoles was just beginning to establish a footing, a game that drew inspiration from Silent Hill and was full of creepy mannequins titled Forgotten Memories was making the rounds. It was originally launched for the iOS platform and was intended to be ported to consoles. Unfortunately, that plan was later canceled, and the game never made its way to Android either. That has changed today, as developer Psychose Interactive has finally published a revised version of Forgotten Memories on the Google Play Store. Check out the original game’s trailer below:

It is not clear what changes this new version has made to the original, but these changes have also come to the iOS version via a free update, so those who already own that one can log in right now to see for themselves.

Meanwhile, if you have not heard of Forgotten Memories, the game puts you in the role of Rose, a woman who’s trying desperately to find a missing child. For unknown reasons, Rose finds herself waking up with some grievous injuries in a strange place where time seems to have stopped. As the story moves forward, Rose will have to face her own worst nightmares as she sinks deeper and deeper into what the developer describes as a 'never-ending tragedy'.

Forgotten Memories 2 C95a_wm
Explore a "never-ending tragedy" with Forgotten Memories

In terms of the gameplay, Forgotten Memories is a third-person horror game that is very similar to Silent Hill – albeit with pretty fiddly controls. To be fair, this might be one of the things that the new version has improved.

Forgotten Memories was praised by many back when it first launched thanks to its captivating atmosphere and well-designed scares. However, a lot of people also criticized it for excessive puzzles and clunky combat. It remains to be seen if any of these issues have been fixed.

Forgotten Memories 7d21_wm
The gameplay is very similar to Silent Hill

In any case, Forgotten Memories is an incredibly solid horror game. If you want to give it a go, you can find it available on Google Play right now at a discounted price of £3.59 (Rs 330) – which is about 25% cheaper than the £4.99 (Rs 460) of the iOS version. Do note that this offer only lasts until the end of the week, so don’t miss your chance.