Developer Bloober Team has released its critically acclaimed horror game Layers of Fear onto iOS seemingly out of the blue – I guess you could call it a jump scare release. So, if you’re on the lookout for a psychological horror game to play on your phone over this upcoming Halloween, this is a great option that you can pick up right now.

Layers of Fear was originally launched in 2016 for PC and consoles and quickly became a hit in the horror enthusiast community. The PC version currently enjoys a 91% positive rating from nearly 8000 users on Steam. The game made its way to Nintendo Switch in February last year, and it just hit the App Store a couple of days ago. Check out its original launch trailer below:

If you are not familiar with Layers of Fear, this is a psychological horror game that takes place in a first-person perspective. Here, you will explore the mind of a painter who is slowly descending into madness. His mind is presented as a Victorian Era mansion full of decor and architecture from the 19th century with plenty of original art and some classics. The mansion is constantly shifting, and your task is to discover the painter’s various fears in order to motivate him to finish his ultimate masterpiece.

Layers Of Fear 1
Explore the mind of a painter who is going mad

The game puts a strong emphasis on story and exploration, which makes for a great setting for many horrors to play out right in front of your eyes. There are instances where it can be a pretty trippy experience: You can look the other way for just a second and then turn back only to see that your entire surrounding has changed. This gives the feeling that you are actually caught in a shifting nightmare.

Layers Of Fear
The setting is a Victorian Era mansion where everything could shift in an instant

This mobile version has been remade to make it more suitable for the mobile platform. This means object interactions have been adjusted to work better on a small touchscreen.

If all that sounds interesting to you, you can find Layers of Fear available for download on the App Store. It is a premium app priced at £9.99 (Rs 910). That might sound like a lot, but it’s actually a very nice deal since the PC version costs twice as much. Do note, though, that this iOS version doesn’t include the Inheritance Expansion.