The game developer KOEX studio has just revealed its newest project – a new game in 2020. This title will be called Noosphere, and it will be a psychological horror game. Choo Bin Yong, the founder of the KOEX studio, confirmed this. He also confirmed that this new game would have a first-person perspective for the gamers, and it will also be a survival title.

Title Design 2
Noosphere will be a dark psychological horror game

This game is still in development. However, this game has already had a Steam page for it. This will be an indie game, so the system requirement is actually low. There will be a lot of puzzles being made with horror elements along the way of the game, and there will be parts of the game where you have to stealth to get over. The gameplay of the game does sound interesting, but quite hard. However, take a look at the storyline of the game because the plot and the gameplay of this indie title have strong connections with each other.

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The first person perspective of Noosphere will enhance the experience of gamers

In Noosphere, you will be Dr. Vincent Moon – a psychologist. Your mission will be entering the subconscious mind of a female patient named Maria. She has a rare mental condition called dissociative identity disorder, and you will have to get inside her subconscious mind to find the missing son of Maria. This plot is a wonderful explanation for all the psychological horror features in the game. The gameplay of this title is not easy, and that can be a discouragement for gamers in their journey of finishing the game. However, this wonderful plot will encourage gamers to finish the game to know where the son of Maria is, and what actually happened to them.

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You enter the mind of Maria, so you will see her quite a lot in Noosphere

We have had the initial trailer of the game right here, but it is not the first official trailer of Noosphere, as this game is still in the early development stage. We will update you with anything new about Noosphere in the future.