Anthology of Fear is a brand-new title from developer RG Crew and publisher Ultimate Games. It is a first-person horror game with three distinct stories and plot. The game also features unique gameplay elements that would definitely attract certain attention. According to plans, tha game will launch into Steam in Q1 2020, with the launch on Switch some months after.

Anthology Of Fear
Anthology Of Fear, by RG Crew & Ultimate Games.

Words from the director

Hubert Zatorski is the chief designer and director of the game. He shared much more information about the project in a press release. According to him, Anthology of Fear includes a variety of characters and time periods to play through. Each story has a unique feeling into it, thus making people feel like playing three small games within a big title.

Take a look at the official trailer of the game as below:

Game overview

Anthology of Fear happens in the world where not everything is obvious to the eyes and mind. Sometimes, weird, unreal and unpredictable things happen and we don’t even have a logical explanation.

In Anthology of Fear, play as three different heroes and experience the 20th century horror. Taking place in rural Russia, the game features contemporary dramas within an ordinary house, a place full of unreal events that makes you question reality.

Anthology Of Fear
Anthology Of Fear takes place in the rural areas of Russia a century ago.

Each episode comes with unique gameplay and features. One can be a mere hunting experience, while other can make the strongest mind struggle for survival and existence.

Key Features

Anthology Of Fear features three distinct stories – Each story has its own location and playstyle. In addition, expect much more than just simple and boring jump scares. Although jump scares are the classics of the horror genre, get ready for much more complex chain of feelings, created by the great in-game atmosphere.

Anthology Of Fear
Anthology Of Fear has amazing in-game atmosphere that supports its storyline extremely well.

Psychological horror – It’s not about the physical horror. You’ll need to dig deeper in history and find out what happened a century ago. Story-based exploration – The high quality stories will keep you focused on the game. Explore them all and investigate the laws governing them.

Overall, Anthology Of Fear is the horror title to watch out for in early 2020.