Hopefully, you've enjoyed the underwater adventure of ABZU and unlimited deaths in The End Is Nigh, because Epic Games has brought them down for a new one. This week's free game on Epic Games Store is Conarium!

Considering the traditions of Epic bringing some old games to the shelf, Conarium is actually quite new. It was released only more than two years ago, and its visuals are still very charming.

Here's the trailer for you to check for yourself:

Conarium is free now on Epic Games Store

Conarium is a Lovecraftian-horror game from Zoetrope Interactive - the developer behind Darkness Within. In this game, you'll take control of Frank Gilman - a scientist following his crew of 4 members to find out the "absolute" limit of nature.

Epic Games Stores Free Game This Week Is Conarium
That's not a good research object for the crew

Waking up from a strange unconsciousness, Frank finds himself in an abandoned scientific station of Upuaut, South Pole. Soon, you realized that it's not just a normal sleep, but he was actually dead and has just revived again. But you're not the original Frank before, but has "subtly changed". You've lost something very important, and some sinister stuff has replaced it.

Epic Games Stores Free Game This Week Is Conarium
Frank wakes up, feeling some things different in his body

From there, you'll have to unravel the Antarctic based as well as the truth behind your untrusty dream and vision. Stay alive and away from the horrifying things as much as possible, and study clues to get out of this situation.

Epic Games Stores Free Game This Week Is Conarium

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Conarium will deliver the eerie atmosphere through stunning visuals and splendid gameplay. The developer also announced that this game has multiple endings, so good luck unlocking all of them before the new free game comes next week.

Epic Games Stores Free Game This Week Is Conarium
Unreal Engine 4 makes this game look gorgeous

Conarium will stay free on Epic Games Store until September 19.

Potentially followed by a Batman game

Usually, at this point, we've already known what's next week free title (or titles) is. However, Epic is trying to mix things up a little bit with the "? ? ?" signs on the name of next week's free game.

Even more secret, Epic has hanged a poster of Batman there as well. You might think that it's very clear that next week's freebie is going to be a Batman game. Well, you're probably right, but here's the baffling thing. Currently, there are no Batman games listed on Epic Games Store yet!

Epic Games Stores Free Game This Week Is Conarium
Epic doesn't have any Batman games on its store yet

The poster comes from DC Comics' pictures to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman, but they've edited it, replacing some parts of the Caped Crusader with Lego Batman images. Even so, all of three Lego Batman games don't even exist on Epic Store's list. The best guess I can give you right now is Epic is going to bring a Batman collection next week to the free shelf.

Hopefully, my prediction will come true, as having all Batman Arkham games and Lego Batman games for free is the wettest dream for gamers.