Hating Epic for continuously stealing great titles for its own, you still can't deny that it's very generous with the weekly free games. Keeping this momentum, ABZU and The End is Nigh is the next games to shine in Epic Games Store's free-to-claim shelf.

And without further ado, let's get right in the details of these two games to see what you're claiming:


If making friends with blocks of fish, performing a 180-degree spin on the water with dolphins and diving in the picturesque aquatic world is too luxurious in real life, you can find the same experience in ABZU. Here's the trailer of the game at E3 2016, and you can see it below:

ABZU is more than just a video game, it's the perfect combination of art masterpiece and intriguing gameplay. It's the product from the art director of Journey and Flower, so you can already tell that the game is very promising. According to the developer, ABZU will embark your desire for diving.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
ABZU might make you want to go for real diving!

In this game, you'll control your character diving into the endless ocean that's full of color, life, and mystery. It allows you to become a real Diver by performing acrobatic flips and graceful swimming experience. Additionally, players can learn some information about hundred of aquatic species and create a tight bond with them as well. Maybe after trying this vibrant game, people might finally learn how to love our nature.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
Every screenshot you make in this game can easily be a beautiful wallpaper!

But ABZU doesn't just stop from there. Deep down the ocean is the sinking civilization of ancient life. And there's not always treasures lying down there, but also dangers as well. Exploring the whole story will take you around 20 hours, but those 20 hours will be memorable!

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
They're even better since the game is free now on Epic Games Store

The End is Nigh

Get away from the vibrant colors of the ocean in ABZU, we can dive in the grim future of Earth in which mostly everything has died. That's the concept of The End is Nigh, and you can see why I said so in this trailer:

According to the developer, The End is Nigh is a hardcore adventure platformer that you would die tons of times. "But that's ok because you are probably already dead anyway" - that's what they say about the concept of this game.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games

In The End is Nigh, you'll take control of the blob called Ash, as he flops on to the futuristic world full of suffering and agony. In fact, at this point, Ash is one of few creatures that still survive, just to die lately. Feels your adrenaline rate rising up as you control Ash brawling in this hostile world full of mutant creatures, dodging the traps and ... break into drops.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
You'll break into water drops without knowing why!

His final quest is to simply... make a friend in this lonely world. Well, I guess many of us have suffered from this nearly impossible task in real life once in a while.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
I want to make friends, but they don't reply me. I'm sad!

With over 600 levels, 80 achievements, 20 mini-games, and 100 of collectible tumors, you won't find any of your death similar. And yes, the game does feature multiple endings, which you may unlock base on your performance.

Dont Miss This Weeks Two Free Games On Epic Games
You can even find the legendary "Pus-man"

Overall, the game doesn't just reward you by your exploration and performance but also doing simple but stupid things as well. Thus, even though The End is Nigh features trial-and-death mechanics, you won't find any problems exploding all over the place. To sum up, the End is very far from you in this game!

Both of the game already hit the shelf today and will stay there until September 12. We recommend adding them to your collections and placing your order right this moment, so you can download it at any time later.