Epic Game Store has been giving free games for almost every week for quite a long time now. For this week, you can get the colorful 2d puzzle game Fez for free on the Epic Games Store.

Fez Video Game Cover Art
Fez is now free on Epic Game Store!

In Fez, you will become Gomez, a little guy whose head is made of marshmallow. Gomez lives in a 2D world. However, one day he discovers in shock the truth about the world he is living. It’s actually just one of a 3D world’s four sides.

Throughout the game, you will go on a journey with Gomez to the very end of space and time. Gomez has the ability to navigate the 3D structures he comes across from 4 distinct classic 2D. Therefore, he can easily explore every corner of this serene and beautiful world.

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The 2D world Gomez has been living in is actually a 3D one

This new open-ended world is full of secrets and hidden treasures. Along this journey, you will find out the truth about reality and perception through unearthing the mysteries from the past. You will also have a chance to change your point of view and observe the world from another perspective.

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Explore this new world with Gomez

You can solve the puzzles by rotating the sides of this world to align its portals as well as platforms. These mechanics are truly way too unique to explain just by words. In short, it fuses 2D platforming and 3D traversal in hitherto unseen ways.

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Get a chance to change the way you look at things

Fez may sound odd but it’s actually really good. In 2013, it got a 90/100 review in 2013. Then, in 2018, people still considered it as a "stunning puzzle platformer with one of the best soundtracks in games."

Fez 2
Find out the secrets and hidden treasures in this new world

And now it's free, which means it’s the perfect time to get it.

For next week’s giveaway, you can get two platformers: Inside - the haunting puzzle one, and Celeste - the indie pixel one. Note that the latter is M-rated. Therefore, for EGS users that has parental controls enabled, it may not be available.