It seems that Epic has succeeded to hijack another great title from Steam. It's The Sojourn - a gorgeous first-person puzzle game from the developer Shifting Tides.

Let's watch this trailer of the game below to see the stunningly beautiful visuals of this game:

The Sojourn features a story of light and darkness

The Sojourn takes the classic concept of the dichotomy between light and darkness. Specifically, the story starts in a fantasy land that's very beautiful on the surface. However, it has a huge dark mystery lying, where the darkness starts to corrode through the cracks and start forming its own places.

The Sojourn Release Date 2
The beautiful land is facing threats from the darkness

In that situation, the unnamed protagonist will stand up, making his journey across the border of the light and the darkness. His objective is to unravel the mystery hiding in the darkness, expel the corrosive factors and protect his vivid homeland.

The Sojourn Release Date 1
The world The Sojourn is very detailed in both visuals and gameplay

At the end of the day, this land is only the sojourn with the appearance of darkness!

The Sojourn Release Date 8
Explore the vast world to extrude the darkness from your homeland

At this moment, above are the only thing we know so far about the game's story. However, with its appearance on Gamescom 2018, we have a closer look at The Sojourn's gameplay:

Basically, this game is a first-person puzzler with 3D graphics. Through your own eyes, you'll have to solve a range of puzzles to be able to unveil the mystery of the darkness. Most of the puzzles are about swapping statues and sculpture to the right places. If succeeding, you can open the gates to other areas.

The Sojourn Release Date 4
Swap sculptures to open portals to other places, or make other magical things work

Additionally, you need to stand at the place, too, as you are one of the pieces to make the whole combination works! This concept will make you walk on the stone paths, again and again, to be able to solve the puzzle. Luckily, the whole scenery in the game is so beautiful, that you will not want to miss any second to admire.

The Sojourn Release Date 7
Not only do the statues need to be in the right places, but you also have to stand in the right places as well!

And you're not always going to spend time in this normal world. Instead, there will be times you'll have to walk through the dark side of the world to solve the puzzle. Maybe there will be some buttons that only show up when you entered the dark vision, and you'll have to travel between the two sides to make things work.

The Sojourn Release Date 3
Some buttons only appear when you come in the dark world, so you need to travel back to back between both worlds

As the developer has primed, the interaction between the normal world and the dark world is the key to open up the whole story!

Release date and supported platforms

The Sojourn is coming out for PC on September 20. At launch, it will be only available on Epic Games Store at the price of $9.99 - more than a pay to experience this gorgeous world.

However, the developer has created a Steam page for the game. Additionally, it has announced the expected releasing date - somewhere in 2020.

The Sojourn Release Date 9
You can visit its Steam page and add the game to your Wishlist in order not to miss it when it comes out

Taking that into consideration, The Sojourn is very likely to be timed-exclusive only. So, if you really don't want to do anything with Epic, you can wait for a while to try it on Steam.