Remember when we were young and so into the classic 3D platformers on our Nintendo 64? Well, Tamarin will surely reignite that love that you might have forgotten.

But before we start right into the game, let's watch this beautiful trailer:

Revive the spirit of 3D platformers with today's visual standards

Tamarin is a self-published product from Chameleon Games with the collaboration with former Rare developer - the one behind Donkey Kong Country and Banjo-Kazooie. And if you are the lucky one from the Nintendo 64 era, you will know exactly what you're into with this game.

Tamarin Is The Cutest Rekindling Of The Classic 3d
Tamarin is a self-published 3D platformer of Chamelon Games

In this game, you'll take control of a cute Tamarin - basically a monkey in the form of a squirrel. Its homeland is under a major threat from the invasion of bugs. Hence, Tamarin will have to take on his journey to fight back and return the land to its idyllic natural habitat.

Tamarin Is The Cutest Rekindling Of The Classic 3d
The land is facing the threat of the conquer of bugs

In order to do that, the adorable squirrel-monkey creature will have to jump to different areas of the land, collect weapons and find means to splatter the bugs. During its way, the easily-distracted Tamarin will chase a firefly, and somehow reveals the mystery behind the dancing ants.

Tamarin Is The Cutest Rekindling Of The Classic 3d
Tamarin really likes the blip from the firefly

Through that description, it seems that Tamarin is going to follow the trails of the common trends. However, it was among the aims of the developer. To be more specific, the director of Chamelon Games - Omar Sawi has said that they don't just want to create a cute game for the kids. They also want to make the game appealing to other gamers of all ages as well.

Tamarin Is The Cutest Rekindling Of The Classic 3d
Sneak into the lairs of the dancing ants, rescue some birds and save the Tamarin's natural habitat

That's why they've been working with the veterans from Rare to make this cute and charming yet different title!

When will Tamarin come out?

The developer hasn't provided any information on Tamarin release date yet. However, it planned to unleash this cute monkey at the end of this summer.

At launch, the game will support PS4 and PC through Steam. Gamers interested can pre-order right this moment to get a 10% discount.

Tamarin Is The Cutest Rekindling Of The Classic 3d
You can pre-order the game right now to get a lot of gifts!

Furthermore, the pre-order version will consist of many other things, such as a chance to immediately access the wallpaper package and a brief tune from Tamarin soundtrack. Additionally, you'll have access to the cheat codes when the game release, making your journey more enjoyable and less grinding.

The pre-order is only available on the game's official site, so head there and check for further information.

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