The famous publisher for mobile - Playdigious - is planning to expand its influences on other platforms. In order to that, they will release this gorgeous diorama-like game - The Almost Gone for PC, Switch and Mobile!

You can see the announcement teaser of the game below:

The Almost Gone tells a contemporary tale

Just like its title, The Almost Gone tells the story of an unnamed girl stuck in the border between life and death. Feeling lonely and panic, the girl needs your help to find a way out of this tragedy.

The Almost Gone Announced 3
The girl is stuck between life and death, just like this police car ...

In order to do that, you must unveil the dark and saddening story that leads the girl to this situation. The game will take you to various places, reviewing many objects to find clues and memories.  They consist of memories from the life you used to have, the people around you and the places that you've been to in your blithe childhood.

The Almost Gone Announced 4
Get hints from your memories to find out how you ended up in this situation

Only when you gain enough of those hints can you figure out the final picture of the whole story.

About its gameplay

Through the trailer above, it's safe to say that The Almost Gone features the simple point-n-click gameplay. To be more specific, you'll have to discover many closed areas that appear in her memories, interact with the people and environment there to find clues and objects. The explorable places vary from the girl's home to some creepy abandoned streets; from the colorful block of buildings to eerie deserted hospitals.

The Almost Gone Announced 1
Explore every corner of all the places

Additionally, the special thing about this experience is that all the 3D dioramas are rendered in a very detailed way. You can spin the whole environment around at 360 degrees horizontally on your wish to have a better viewpoint. Don't underestimate this feature, as you might need it to find the item you're searching for.

The Almost Gone Announced 2
You can spin the whole thing around for a better look

Apart from the normal point-n-click maneuver to interact with the environment and the objective, the developer has brought more actions as pulling and dragging. Not only it's for the better mobile experience, but it also comes in very handy in some light puzzles such as unlocking a hidden box.

The Almost Gone Announced 7
The Almost Gone features some light puzzles

Last but not least, you will have to go through a total of five chapters to figure out the whole "poignant truth" of the girl. For me, it's a great feature as it reminds me when to pause for a rest and continue later on.

The Almost Gone Announced 6
The whole story last for five chapters!

The Almost Gone is coming out for PC, Switch and Mobile. There's not an official release date for the game yet, but you can add it to your wishlist to get the notification at the game's launch.