Can't stand the tragic ending of Shakespeare's masterpiece - Hamlet? Well, Elsinore is a chance for you to rewrite it!

Here's the trailer that demonstrates a brief introductory of the game's story and gameplay. You can see it for yourself, and let the writing part start later!

Help Ophelia get out of the tragic time loop

Elsinore takes the concept of Shakespeare's famous story - Hamlet. However, in this game, Ophelia is no longer a useless noblewoman that only brings tragedy anymore. Instead, she's the main character and helps the kingdom to have a happy ending.

Ophelia wakes up from her terrible dream - a vision that everyone will die in 4 days. Unfortunately, it's not just a dream - it's a real-life nightmare that she'll have to suffer from. Even worse, she has to walk through this experience again and again as she was stuck in this time loop.

Elsinore Rewrites The Ending Of Hamlet 5
This ending keeps coming to Ophelia, and she can't escape from it

Can't tolerate this tragedy any longer, she decided to do everything she can to change this saddening future.

Elsinore tells a rich story through simple but fascinating gameplay

In order to change the deadly future, Ophelia must find a way to affect the behavior of other people. You will have to interact with them through the point-n-click system to learn about their thoughts and behaviors.

There will be a range of actions that you can do to each character, including gossiping, lying, making friends and even forgiving. However, not all of these interactions are helpful in changing their behaviors, but there's no other way to check other than try them all.

Elsinore Rewrites The Ending Of Hamlet 1
Talk with other characters to change their behaviors

Once you succeed to change the behavior of one character, the Butterfly effect will take place. The change will result in many other different reactions in the future. But don't expect the game to end that briefly. We need more than one change to make things work correctly. Hence, choosing the correct combination from the whole pack is mandatory.

Elsinore Rewrites The Ending Of Hamlet 4
Try and try again until you find the real solutions

Basically, it features the "trial and death" mechanics. Trying over and over again is the key to learn all the knowledge that comes very useful in the future. In Elsinore, everything is a matter of life and death!

Elsinore Rewrites The Ending Of Hamlet 6
Information is crucial in Elsinore

The world in Elsinore consists of a lot of characters in a complex relationship. In order to save them all, Ophelia must learn about everything of them - their schedule, needs, desires, and motivations. It'll be a huge database, so if you're not good at remembering, leave yourself some notes.

Elsinore Rewrites The Ending Of Hamlet 7
The game provides you a timeline to keep track of the events

Elsinore has already come out for PC through Steam and You can get it with a price of $19.99, and there's an option of purchasing the whole soundtrack in the game for $9.99 if you really enjoy it!