Phoenix Point, a highly anticipated strategy RPG game made by XCOM creator Julian Gollop, has been in production for quite some time now after a successful crowdfunding campaign worth $700000. According to the update builds over the years, everything seems great and the game is expected to release on September 3. However, after a few delays, Snapshot Games has decided that the date would be scrapped altogether.

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Xcom - like gameplay with all the weapons and abilities ported

Phoenix Point is going to use the same gameplay features as XCOM – with a turn-based action system incorporated with multiple characters. All characters in the game are unique with a big array of skill and abilities. The new release date of December 2019 for the Xbox One, macOS and Microsoft Windows has just been confirmed via Epic Games Store.

The horrible enemies in the game

The setting of Phoenix Point is of the year 2047, with Earth getting invaded by aliens. Consisting of horrors from Lovecraft stories, the aliens are bringing humanity to the verge of destruction. New players are going to be started on a single base named Phoenix Point, and through the course of the game, they are going to face a plethora of difficult challenges. Overcoming those issues is the key point for the characters to save themselves and humanity from complete destruction caused by the evil threat.

The alien would adapt to your strategy between battles and send out counters to the strategy that players often use against them. Other factions of humans would also be a problem that you need to deal with. Each and every single one of those factions is doing their own thing without caring for the greater good of humanity – they will be competing with the players for resources. How players choose to deal with these issues would result in various outcomes at the end of the game.

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Play tactically to ambush enemies

It is very unfortunate that the game is delayed. However, the dev could definitely use more time to polish their product before release.

The developer has published an apology. They acknowledged that this is not their first delay and they are definitely very sorry for that. The apology post also mentioned that they know a lot of fans who are expecting Phoenix Point and beg them for forgiveness. It is better to wait than be disappointed by the product received after all.

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The challenge level would get higher and higher

If you are a backer of the game, the next build release would be right before the original release date of September. To everybody else, however, it would be quite a few months until they would be able to touch the game. Two years might seem long, but it is actually a short development time comparing to a lot of high tier videogames nowadays.