Slowing down the pace a little bit, Epic decided to bring only one title to its weekly free shelf this week. It's GNOG, a simple puzzle-solving game about discovering the secret behind monsters' heads.

But don't judge yet! It's not just an ordinary game - it's an eye-catching game that has won many awards for its stunning visuals! Here's the trailer of GNOG, and promise me, you'll get stuck in love with it immediately:

About GNOG

Previously came out in 2016, GNOG is the product from the developer KO_OP. And with the dexterous hands of Double Fine Presents - the publisher behind many successful indie titles such as Psychonauts and Broken Age, many people have felt that this game is not going to be average.

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
GNOG marks the collaboration between KO_OP and Double Fine Presents

And all the rewards for his game have proved that they're correct. Specifically, GNOG has gained six major awards for its stunning artworks even before it officially debuted. You can admire its awards list here:

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
All the awards GNOG has achieved so far

About its gameplay, GNOG requires you to find out what's in the heads of the monsters. Basically, it will give you a bunch of toy-inspired monstrous heads, and you must interact with them to figure out the mystery behind them.

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
Interact and unveil what's in those heads

The interaction in this game is very attracting, as you can do many things with the detailed part of the heads. You can rotate the whole head to find the details, click on them, pull them out or put it back, and you can grab them and press them like a button as well. Simply put, it's like you're having a new toy, and you want to find out anything that it can do.

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
I don't know which monster has a spaceship-looking head at all!

And to spoil a little bit, inside those heads are distinctive worlds. They might only consist of a lonely monster sitting on his bench, thinking about real-life matters. Or there might be a family of monsters living in their house happily. All the things inside those heads will never stop making you surprise!

The special thing about this feature is that GNOG support VR play. Which means you will see and feel the whole figuring process through your own eyes and your own hands! Furthermore, this game is a fantastic choice for the cozy enjoyable night. It will play a list of soothing soundtracks while you're enjoying your own toys.

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
Switch freely between Standard mode and VR mode

I feel very lucky that GNOG is going to be free, even when it's the only free game on Epic Games Store this week!

When will this giveaway start?

If you're feeling excited to get this game like me, you would have to wait a little more. GNOG is going to hit the free shelf on August 8, and it will stay there until August 15.

Gnog Is The Only Free Game On Epic Games Store Thi
GNOG will stay on its bench for a week!

However, due to the differences in time zones, we still have some hours left before it officially starts. So, why should we waste our time? Last week's two huge AAA games - Alan Wake and For Honor is still free to claim on Epic Games Store. We've given a brief overview of those two games here, and you should give it a look!

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 9
It's still some times left for this week's games to hit the shelf

All of these game will come to you with no strings. This means you can claim your order now and install it at any time you want, as it will stay in your Library forever!