Continue to gain the love of the gamers back, Epic has decided to keep its give-away strategy from last week!

This time, it's providing two more games for free, starting from tomorrow. They are For Honor - a product from Ubisoft about Vikings' battles; and Alan Wake - a game about the mysterious journey of a man finding his wife.

Let's get right in to see what's special about these two games:

About For Honor

For Honor is a triple-A hack-n-slash RPG game that first came out to the public back in 2017. The game has received a lot of attention from the gaming community, and Ubisoft has been making efforts to keep the game living. Recently, it has released a new trailer for a new hero in Year 3 Season 3 - Hulda, which you can see below:

Brief summary

For Honor takes the settings of the medieval world after a natural disaster has struck the land. Consequently, the bravest and strongest warriors of various factions have to fight each other for resources, territory, and last but not least - for the honor!

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 1
For Honor is coming free on Epic Games Store tomorrow!

If you haven't heard of this game yet, it's basically a multiplayer combat game, where you control one Viking dude and trying to smack other medieval bros as hard as possible.

There's a total of four heroes for you to choose, from a vigorous Vikings warriors or a magnificent Knight to a cold-blooded Samurai. Those characters lie in totally four factions, including the Vikings, the Knights, the Samurai, and the new added one - the Wu Lin.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 4
There're totally 4 factions in the game, including the newly added Wu Lin

Each of them will wield distinctive weapons showing their factions' characteristics, including the Axes of the Vikings, the Katana of the Samurai, the Giant Guandao of the Wu Lin and the titular Spear of the Knights.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 2
Each character will wield their own weapon

Play modes

For Honor has gained its population for its unique combat style that later was used in many comparisons with other games in the same genre. Basically, in the Single-player mode, you'll throw yourself into a battle with a horde of weaker minions. In there, you're free to unleash your power, gaining knowledge for the character classes, and become even stronger with Feats buff.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 3
Throw yourself in the battles with thousands of AI in Single-player Mode

However, the game really shines when it comes to PvP. Learning how your opponents will strike, dodging them and blow fatal counter attacks is the key to give you the honor. Additionally, the diversity in characters and weapons make this game's combat style even more outstanding.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 5
Learning what your opponents are capable of!

It might take me a day to explain how good For Honor's combat style is. Hence, I recommend trying it for your own to experience the most realistic feels.

About Alan Wake

Totally different from the fights of life and death in For Honor, Alan Wake heavy story-driven games that focus mainly on adventuring. You can have a glimpse on the game through this trailer below:

This 9-year-old title is the adaptation from the epic best-selling thriller novel that has the same name. It takes the settings of the eerie small mountain town of Bright Falls, Washington.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 8
The game has insanely good graphics quality at its time

Alan Wake and his wife - Alice is having a vacation trip to the town when suddenly, his wife disappears for no reason. Now, Alan has to dive in this mysterious town where the "Darkness" has taken many people, animals, and objects to find clues on his wife's situation.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 6
Fight against the "Taken" in order to find your wife

Alan Wake is a heavy narrative game, so it's very rude to get too deep into its story. However, it's safe to say that this game will not give you the most terrifying jumpscare that will make you smash your gears hard. Instead, it will give you the ultimate obsession from the original novel that you won't be able to get over soon.

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 7
Alan Wake features a deeply obsessive story

When do these two games hit the free shelf on Epic Games Store?

Epic will give away For Honor and Alan Wake from August 2 and August 9. However, due to time-zone differences, you still have chances to do claim last week's free games - Moonlighter and This War is Mine!

However, it's only several hours left, so you'd better be quick! The only thing you have to do is to create an account, download Epic Launcher and add the games to your Library. Remember to Place your Order at the end, and you're free to go with those games at any time!

For Honor And Alan Wake Free On Epic Games Store 9
It's still some times left for this week's games to hit the shelf

I know some of us really hate the exclusivity movements from Epic. However, it's trying relentlessly to regain the favor from the gaming community. So why don't we give it a chance?