Celeste and Inside are two classic indie games

Celeste and Inside - indie games
Celeste and Inside are 2 great indie games that you can try next week

If you are an indie fan, Celeste and Inside must be familiar to you. Celeste comes from Matt Makes Games, running as an action-platformer. Taking the context of an adventure to the mountain top, Celeste gives us such a challenging task of helping Madeline conquer the mountain. More toughly, the girl is such a worrier, who often feels a lack of determination. 

Celeste - the indie game worth giving a try
Celeste is a puzzle-platformer developed by Playdead

Not so amiable as Celeste, Inside is quite dark. It is a puzzle-platformer developed by Playdead. People described Inside as an excellent descendant of Limbo - a puzzle game that caused such a fever in 2010. In the game, you will play as a boy on the way to discover a monochrome and surreal world. For those who love horror and fantasy, Inside promises to be an exciting game in your list.

Both the games are worth giving a try, especially if you are into this kind of game.

These games are going to be free for you

You can get Celeste and Inside freely through the Epic Games Store.

EPIC Games Store
Epic Games Store is going to give players Celeste and Inside for free next week

Remember the allocated time for this free download. You’ll be able to claim both of these games from Epic Games Store for free from August 29 through September 5. As for now, Fez, a Polytron Corporation’s puzzle-platformer is now free on Epic Games Store for you to try. In Fez, you will play as Gomez, who realized that his 2D world is actually just one of four sides of a 3D world. Your mission is to collect cubes and cube fragments to put his world back the way it used to be.