Today, the souls-like title that has captured the spotlight in Winter 2018 - Ashen has made a big announcement. Specifically, it's coming to Steam after ending its Epic exclusivity, as well as reaching its branches to consoles as well.

In celebration with this announcement, the developer A44 also revealed a new trailer of the game. You can admire the beauty of this new version below:

It's Ashen, not the Ashen One!

From many titles that take the Japanese studio FromSoftware's masterpiece - Dark Souls as a model, Ashen is one of the few games that has successfully made some good out of it. Unfortunately for Epic haters, at the game's launch, the game has been tied to a timed-exclusive deal on Epic Games Store.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
Ashen was previously Epic-exclusive

However, after exactly a year of exclusivity, Ashen is finally coming to Steam (as expected). If you somehow haven't tried or heard about this title yet, here's the summary of its story and gameplay for you.

The game tells the story of a wanderer trying to find a place where he can call 'home'. 'Ashen' is actually not the name of him, but the only ray of light to this dark world full of ashes. Hence, in order to protect the homeland, you'll need to protect the Ashen at any costs.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
Protect the Ashen to bring lights back to this dark world

Of course, there'll always be the ones that prefer darkness to reign, and they will prevent you from fulfilling your task. Thus, you'll have to get stronger rapidly while learning to work with others. The threat might be too much for a single person to handle, so teamwork is the key to survive against them.

There will be many kinds of people throughout your journey. You might meet a tinker, a fortune-hunter or huntress, and even a shadow. Each of them will bring their unique knowledge and even help you make new equipment that will be very crucial with your survival task!

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
Meet new adventurers on your way

In the twilight of this plains, a new hero is rising!

About its gameplay

Ashen is a grim-looking third-person action-adventure game that takes the inspiration from the Dark Souls series. Taking control of the main protagonists, you'll have to dive in this hostile world with many monsters as well as bosses.

First of all, the basis of a Souls-like game allows you to freely discover what it's in this open world. However, its minimalist hand-crafted environment designs make this game standing out from its blueprint. The world of Ashen contains many landscapes, including beaches, cavern, plains, and sprawling cities. Together, they'll sketch up a total picture of the mystery behind this world.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
The environment in Ashen is very detailed

Furthermore, every choice that you make will affect your whole journey. According to the developer, as you complete one quest and return to your settlement, there'll be new characters, more services, and more dwellings popping out. No two journeys are the same in Ashen.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
Your home will be completely different after you complete a quest

Speaking about the combat, the game still features stamina-based combats. Scattering in this world is a bunch of hostile monsters and bosses that are very willing to smash you to death again and again. In order to deal with them, you'll need to learn more about their mechanics. Further exploring the dungeons and beating monsters will grant you experiences and materials to learn more skills and craft more items.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
You can choose to work with other players, or you can just ignore them completely

To remind you, you're not going to make your items by yourself. In fact, you'll have to invite more survivors to your home, and ask them to craft the equipment for you. As a result, you'd better plan your trip before going rather than just blindfold yourself into this hostile world. Every encounter you make can bring unexpectable consequences.

Available on Steam and GOG and consoles this December

The developer Aurora 44 and the publisher Annapurna Interactive has announced that Ashen is reaching Steam and GOG on December 9.

Ashen Escaped Its Epic Games Store Timed Exclusivi
Ashen is out on Steam and GOG on December 9.

At the same time, it's going to come out for Switch and PS4. The game already supports Xbox One before.