With Esports growing so fast and large, global Esports revenues could exceed €2bn by 2020. Esports has changed significantly how people recreate with sports, video games through online streaming platforms. It has helped to create job opportunities, contribute to economic growth, and encourage tourism. Moreover, it has helped to bring people closer as a hobby to watch and play. These are exactly what traditional sports have brought to the community.

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Gaming helps bringing people together

Video games as an industry have yielded a huge profit for gaming companies and Esports organization. Game publishers like Epic and Riot are pulling a profit from their own Esports division with popular titles like Fornite and League Of Legends. Even the biggest streaming platform, Twitch has also realized the large potential of Esports as mainstream sports.

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Fortnite is among the famous Esports games that have attracted a large fanbase

Twitch, Epic, and Riot

With that, the 3 giants in the gaming industry have decided to join hands in helping The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) to create an Esports division. The ISFE Esports will look to “represent and promote the Esports sector”.

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Esports needs a leader to legalize video games as a sport.

ISFE is responsible for the video game industry in Europe through meetings, conferences, sponsorships, and informational actions aimed toward the public. They also deal with other authorities like EU institutions, international organizations.

Members of ISFE consist of many big names in the gaming industry like Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Nintendo. Now that Twitch, Riot, and Epic Games Stores have joined forces, ISFE will get much more help which is fundamental to handling an Esports sector.

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Esports look to establish itself as a regular sports

ISFE Esports with the help from big names promises to encourage Esports among the community in Europe as well as the world. They will serve as an ambassador between Esports organization and lawmakers and government. As Esports looks to establish itself as a legal sport, ISFE Esports is a much-needed entity to represent the idea and will of the Esports community.