ESL ( the Electronic Sports League) is a well-established organization who specializes in organizing Esports tournaments. The ESL first came out in 2000 and has contributed a major part in promoting Esports worldwide. They mostly organize CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments.

Esl Dreamhack 5million 01
ESL has organized some of the largest Esports tournaments in the world

ESL is nowadays present in 37 countries including India. They support over 50 games in various categories and host dozens of tournaments each year. They even host mobile games like Brawl Stars or Clash Royale in India and attracted a large crowd and lots of attention from the community.

$5 million tournament circuit

With that, ESL and DreamHack have joined hands in organizing premier tournaments worldwide. In particular, their global CS:GO pro circuit in 2020 will boast a total prize pool of $5 million (₹35.9 Crore).

This ESL Pro Tour will arrange 20 tournaments, all by ESL and DreamHack into a fine path leading to 2 most important Master Championships. With this, ESL and DreamHack look to organize premier tournaments in the most appropriate way and order, making sure to meet fan’s expectations.

Esl Dreamhack 5million 03
ESL tournaments look to meet fans expectations

The ESL Pro Tour will be divided into Challenger and Masters tier. In Challenger level, the tour will include DreamHack Open stops, ESEA MDL and the ESL National Championships. These tournaments will be like the qualifier for Masters tier tournaments where $250,000+ is up for grab. Masters tier tournaments include ESL One, ESL Pro League, IEM, and Dreamhack Masters.

Esl Dreamhack 5million 02
ESL One is among the Masters tier tournaments in the ESL Pro Tour

Each tournament will reward additional competitive point which is calculated toward the Master Championships. Those who qualify for the Masters Championships will play in either IEM Katowice or ESL One Cologne.

ESL has grown large in recent year and has played an important part in promoting Esports worldwide. It is time ESL gave out a clear vision for the future of Esports and played a major part in it.